Post 494757

Phantasy Star Online 2 Gets Ready To Rock With A BlazBlue Collaboration

By Sato . July 13, 2015 . 12:32pm

Phantasy Star Online 2’s next update in August will add BlazBlue costumes to the game.

Post 494419

Phantasy Star Online 2 Anime Adaptation Announced

By Ishaan . July 12, 2015 . 11:01am

The anime adaptation will air in 2016.

Post 481630

Fate/Stay Night Also Pops Into Phantasy Star Online 2 As A Collaboration

By Sato . May 13, 2015 . 2:50am

Fate/Stay Night characters are showing up in Phantasy Star Online 2 as part of the latest anime collaboration.

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Phantasy Star Online 2 Players Can Now Transform Into Tales of Zestiria Characters

By Sato . April 8, 2015 . 2:05am

Tales of Zestiria protagonist Sorey’s costume in Phantasy Star Online 2 is quite fitting, as you can see in the above images. In addition to having some of his weapons, there’s also a female version of his costume.

Post 472492

Phantasy Star Online 2 Gets Some Tales of Zestiria Costumes

By Sato . March 30, 2015 . 11:20pm

Phantasy Star Online 2 has already collaborated with countless video games and anime, but the latest mashup is a big one featuring costumes from the cast of Bandai Namco’s Tales of Zestiria.

Post 458064

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Outfits Are Coming To Phantasy Star Online 2

By Ishaan . January 23, 2015 . 5:30pm

More crossover content for Sega’s online multiplayer game.

Post 455832

Phantasy Star Online 2 To Celebrate ARKS Unity Festival 2015 With New Quests

By Ishaan . January 9, 2015 . 3:31pm

The event will begin on January 14th and last until March 15th.

Post 455043

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Year Celebrations Kick Off This Week

By Ishaan . December 30, 2014 . 4:00pm

This New Year’s, the ARKS Lobby in Phantasy Star Online 2 will take on a New Year theme.

Post 451346

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Cruises Into Phantasy Star Online 2

By Sato . December 12, 2014 . 12:31pm

Sega shows off more of Episode 3’s part 2 update, which will arrive later this month.

Post 446295

Phantasy Star Online 2’s Next Update Brings Rare 13-Star Weapons, Ultimate Quest

By Ishaan . November 17, 2014 . 10:31am

Phantasy Star Online 2 is getting an “Ultimate Quest” as part of its next update on November 19th.

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Phantasy Star Online 2 Takes It Easy With A YuruYuri Collaboration

By Sato . October 22, 2014 . 2:00am

We’ve seen even stranger collaborations with Phantasy Star Online 2, but I doubt that many people saw this one coming, as Sega announced their latest with the slice of life comedy manga and anime, YuruYuri

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Phantasy Star Online 2 Gives Us A Tour Of What’s New In The Episode 3 Update

By Sato . August 25, 2014 . 2:01pm

Sega’s latest video provides a summary of what else is new in their “Episode 3” update for Phantasy Star Online 2.

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Here’s A Look At Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 3’s New Bouncer Class

By Ishaan . August 20, 2014 . 4:01pm

The Bouncer class specializes in striking, tech and aerial combat, and can use two new weapon-types—the Dual Blades and Jet Boots.

Post 423074

Phantasy Star Online 2 Will Celebrate Singapore And Malaysia’s National Days

By Eugene . August 7, 2014 . 3:01pm

Both Singapore and Malaysia celebrate their National Days this month, and Phantasy Star Online 2 will celebrate them.

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Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 3 Pays Homage To The Original Phantasy Star

By Sato . August 5, 2014 . 5:31pm

The Episode 3 update will introduce a new monster by the name of Nyau. This super-dimensional cat is actually an homage to the speaking cat, Myau, from the very first Phantasy Star game.