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Spider-Man Has His Own Zen Pinball Table, But Now It’s Venom’s Turn

By Ishaan . November 24, 2014 . 11:59am

Spider-Man already has his own Zen Pinball table, but Venom is getting one, too.

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Pinball FX2 Is Coming To Steam As A Free Download Next Week

By Ishaan . May 4, 2013 . 11:30am

Pinball FX2 by Zen Studios is headed to Steam on May 10th.

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Star Wars Pinball “Empire Strikes Back” Table Has Luke vs. Darth Vader

By Ishaan . February 13, 2013 . 10:00am

A trailer for the Star Wars pinball “The Empire Strikes Back” table shows the fight between Luke and Vader, and other famous scenes.

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Civil War Table Coming To Marvel Pinball And Pinball FX2

By Ishaan . October 14, 2012 . 10:15am

Marvel Pinball is getting yet another new DLC table soon—a Civil War table, based on the 2006 storyline.

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Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles Has An Infinity Gauntlet Table

By Ishaan . June 11, 2012 . 12:00pm

One of these four tables in Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles is the Infinity Gauntlet table, based on the Marvel story of the same name.

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Marvel’s Avengers Pinball Tables Being Added To Zen Pinball Games

By Ishaan . May 4, 2012 . 2:31pm

Zen Studios are releasing another pinball table pack for Zen Pinball 2 and Pinball FX2, this one with tables based on Marvel’s Avengers.