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Video game figurines take a walk on Pinky Street

By Jenni . July 3, 2008 . 12:36pm

The Pinky St. figurines have grown quite popular in Japan due to the adorable character designs, customization options and interchangable parts. They’ve even inspired PS2 (Mahoroba Stories) and DS games (Pinky St. Kira Kira Music Hour, Pinky St. Kira Kira Music Night). Some of the most popular Pinky St. releases, however, are versions of popular video game characters.

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Tapping to J-Pop in Pinky Street: Kira Kira Music Night

By Spencer . November 20, 2007 . 10:33am

Elite Beat Agents meets Audition is one way to describe Pinky Street: Kira Kira Music Night. In the game you control one character that is facing an opponent in a dance off. You hold the DS in book form and keep your character in beat by tapping the touch screen. The winner gets to customize […]

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