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Pokemon DS pre-pirated?

By Spencer . April 20, 2007 . 4:47am

  Plenty of Pokemon fans are eagerly awaiting the English versions of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl this weekend, but before the game gets an official release it is leaked… maybe. CrunkPsyduck sent us a tip (thanks!) with this screenshot showing the two Nintendo DS titles are already circulating the internet. There is no link to […]

Post 3541

Piracy in San Francisco: Game Boy Advance multicart gallery

By Spencer . March 13, 2007 . 10:10am

After the whole GDC was over I strolled around San Francisco in search of a go board. While wandering around I stumbled upon a shop with a massive supply of pirated Game Boy Advance multicarts sitting in the display counter. Besides having the usual hodgepodge of GBA box art on the cartridges there were some […]

Post 3262

What?! Secret of Mana 2 English SNES cart on eBay?

By Spencer . February 20, 2007 . 6:48pm

  Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Secret of Mana 2) never saw the light of day in the USA even though it is arguably the best game in the Mana series. Even though Squaresoft overlooked the title there were rumors of a partially localized beta that never surfaced. So it’s a little suspicious that a cartridge […]

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