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Playing Panel de Pon DS

By Spencer . May 2, 2007 . 6:31pm

For some reason Nintendo chose to release Panel de Pon DS (aka Planet Puzzle League) on the same day as Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings and guess what got all of the attention. Nintendo’s DS puzzle game deserves a shout out because it’s a fantastic remake. Instead of having Yoshi, Pokemon or the fairies Panel […]

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Watch: Panel de Pon commercial

By Spencer . April 16, 2007 . 3:01pm

From this ad it looks like Nintendo is aiming to attract the Touch Generations crowd to Panel de Pon DS (Planet Puzzle League). The TV spot is a simple tutorial that shows the foundation of Panel de Pon, matching pieces with the stylus. Did you see the last move where you match a piece while […]

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