Post 66050

Bayonetta Re-Imagined In 8-Bit

By Ishaan . April 4, 2010 . 3:01pm

It was only an April Fool’s joke, but PlatinumGames are another in a long line of developers eager to embrace the 8-bit roots of gaming.

Post 65634

Vanquish Screens Leave Cover

By Spencer . March 29, 2010 . 11:42am

Sega released three more screenshots of Vanquish, Platinum Games next title. Luminary designers Shinji Mikami and Atsushi Inaba are developing this third person shooter.

Post 64811

Infinite Space Interview Touches On Childhood’s End Connections

By Spencer . March 22, 2010 . 1:51pm

We caught up with Atsushi Inaba, Producer at PlatinumGames, and Hifumi Kouno, Director at Nude Maker, to discuss its development.

Post 64637

Amazon Curve Bonus Round: Infinite Space

By Laura . March 21, 2010 . 11:39am

As if you weren’t already confused by all the conflicting opinions surrounding Infinite Space, here’s more.

Post 64603

Inaba-san, Why Did You Want To Make A Sci-Fi RPG?

By Spencer . March 19, 2010 . 6:18pm

Compared to PlatinumGames action packed lineup and Inaba’s past works, Infinite Space is quite a deviation. So, how did Infinite Space get started?

Post 64209

The Amazon Curve: Infinite Space

By Laura . March 17, 2010 . 8:01pm

Some Japanese gamers draw comparisons to Star Wars, and call it grand. Others find the battles monotonous and tiring. And some recommend it for women. Yes, Infinite Space isn’t for everyone.

Post 63037

First Squad Of Vanquish Screenshots From Platinum Games

By Spencer . March 3, 2010 . 7:33pm

Not to be outdone by an early Famitsu reveal, Platinum Games updated their site with Vanquish story info and screenshots.

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Hideki Kamiya Discusses Motivation Behind Bayonetta

By Ishaan . March 3, 2010 . 8:48am

In a post on the English Platinum Games blog, he explains that, while Ōkami was designed to be loved by everyone, Bayonetta was more of a game that appealed to him, personally.

Post 62966

Vanquish Due In Stores This Winter, It’s A Shooter

By Spencer . March 3, 2010 . 1:47am

But, not a regular third person shooter! In an interview with Famitsu, Shinji Mikami says Vanquish has a mix of shooting and close range combat.

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Come Back! You Can’t Launch Infinite Space Without Yuri

By Spencer . February 26, 2010 . 7:25am

Yuri, the lead character in Infinite Space, better catch up and get on a ship pronto. Sega has Infinite Space scheduled to take off on March 16 in North America.

Post 60222

Bayonetta Breaks A Million Units Sold

By Spencer . February 5, 2010 . 2:28am

Sega’s latest financial report included sales data for Bayonetta. Platinum Games’ climax action game rung up 1,100,000 million units worldwide on both platforms.

Post 59271

Shinji Mikami’s Next Game Is Vanquish

By Spencer . January 29, 2010 . 12:45am

Shinji Mikami, the creator of Resident Evil, and Atsushi Inaba are working on Platinum Games’ next title, Vanquish.

Post 59125

Madworld Has Platinum-Like Packaging In Japan

By Spencer . January 27, 2010 . 8:50am

Madworld’s package art looks stylish in the new Wii’s new black boxes.

Post 59093

Bayonetta Update Gives PS3 Owners Install Option

By Spencer . January 26, 2010 . 9:26pm

After tons of requests by Bayonetta fans, Sega has an update that should improve the game’s PlayStation 3 performance.

Post 57295

So, This Is Infinite Space

By Spencer . January 11, 2010 . 3:48pm

Sega released a new gameplay trailer of Infinite Space and it shows an interface change.

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