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Silent Hill 2 Mini Map And Save Anywhere Secrets Found

By Jenni . July 16, 2018 . 9:00am

It turns out the PlayStation 2 version of Silent Hill 2 has codes that allow you to access a mini map and save anywhere.

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Shuhei Yoshida Looks Back At Sony’s Unprepared Launch Of PS2, And PS3 Launch Struggles

By Sato . July 12, 2018 . 5:00pm

Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida has been with the company since the start of PlayStation, and he recently looked back at some of the troubled launches they had with PS2 and PS3.

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Atelier Marie + Elie: The Alchemists Of Salburg 1 & 2 Fan Translation Complete

By Alistair . March 19, 2018 . 8:30am

The fan translation for Atelier Marie + Elie: The Alchemists of Salburg 1 & 2 was recently completed. The translation patch includes full English translation for the PS2 remaster, and also fixes a multitude of bugs.

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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Is Getting An HD Remake For Its 15th Anniversary

By Alistair . January 18, 2018 . 6:40am

Nippon Ichi announced at the end of their stream that to celebrate Disgaea: Hour of Darkness’ 15th anniversary, the game will be receiving an HD remake.

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Sega Has Reprinted The First Four Yakuza Games

By Jenni . February 13, 2017 . 9:00am

Sega has reprinted and released a limited number of copies of Yakuza, Yakuza 2, Yakuza 3, and Yakuza 4.

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Square Enix’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Has A Bunch Of Super Cheap Physical Classics

By Sato . November 23, 2016 . 8:45am

Square Enix has gone up with their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on their official website, where you can find plenty of physical copies of their classic titles on PS1, PS2, PS3, and more for super cheap.

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Former SCEA President Jack Tretton Discusses PlayStation’s Highs And Lows

By Brayden . September 28, 2016 . 4:00pm

In a recent interview, former President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America Jack Tretton discusses the challenges and successes of PlayStation during his 19 years at the company.

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Grandia III Makes Its Debut On PlayStation 3 As A PS2 Classic

By Asma . July 23, 2016 . 6:00pm

Feel the bite of Yuki’s blade… WHIRLWIND!

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Is Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Really The End Of The Series’ Timeline?

By Sato . July 8, 2016 . 6:00pm

Siliconera caught up with tri-Ace director Hiroshi Ogawa who talked about Star Ocean’s timeline and why it hasn’t been continuing after Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

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Metal Slug Anthology Is The PlayStation 4’s Next PS2 Classic

By Jenni . July 1, 2016 . 9:00am

On July 5, 2016, the Metal Slug Anthology will bring the first six games in the series to the PlayStation 4, thanks to a new PlayStation 2 Classic download.

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Kinetica And Wild Arms 3 Join The PlayStation 4’s Other PlayStation 2 Games

By Jenni . May 17, 2016 . 10:30am

The two latest PlayStation 2 games to be up-rendered, given trophies, and added to the PlayStation 4’s digital game library in North America are Kinetica and Wild Arms 3.

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Okage: The Shadow King Will Reign On PlayStation 4s

By Jenni . March 21, 2016 . 9:00am

See what life is like with an evil king living in your shadow again when Okage: The Shadow King PlayStation 2 Classic comes to the PlayStation 4.

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The Deleted Scenes Of Ico

By Chris . July 22, 2015 . 11:30am

A fan has revealed deleted scenes inside Ico that reveal more about Ico’s relationship with Yorda, as well as Yorda’s personality.

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Tetsuya Nomura’s Take On Final Fantasy XI

By Spencer . October 28, 2014 . 11:01pm

Square Enix is holding a campaign to bring former Final Fantasy XI players back to Vana’diel. The PC version is on sale and there the World Transfer service is half off. What’s most interesting is Tetsuya Nomura created a piece of Final Fantasy XI artwork.

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The Petition For Xenosaga HD Collection Is A Long, Long Way From Its Goal

By Ishaan . October 20, 2014 . 5:29pm

5,000 signatures isn’t nearly enough, says Bandai Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada.

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