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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Trailer Highlights Jonathan Joestar

By Sato . November 16, 2015 . 12:08am

Jonathan Joestar is a balanced Ripple-user fighter with everything from power, defense, speed, and explosive combos to go with Ripple attacks as his fighting style.

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Eiyuu Senki Will Have All Of Its Original Voice Acting When It Launches November 24

By Jenni . November 13, 2015 . 10:30am

Fruitbat Factory has preserved all of the Japanese voice acting for its North American release of Eiyuu Senki.

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Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Hands On: A Natural Fit For Warriors

By Douglas . November 12, 2015 . 6:30pm

While Zelda and Dragon Quest can seem like a bit of an odd choice to have a game with Warriors gameplay, Arslan actually makes for a rather natural fit for the series.

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Samurai Warriors 4: Empires’ Castle Grows With You

By Jenni . November 12, 2015 . 10:00am

Samurai Warriors 4: Empires has a Castle that grows as you successfully expand your empire.

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Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Trailer Shows Fairy Princess Mercedes In Action

By Casey . November 12, 2015 . 8:30am

Atlus and Vanillaware have released the latest trailer showcasing one of the game’s protagonists, Mercedes.

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Dragon Quest Builders Will Have You Save The World And Help Out Nuns

By Sato . November 12, 2015 . 6:05am

From saving the world from the clutches of the Dragonlord to helpins nurses build hospitals for the sick, Dragon Quest Builders offers a lot more than building and crafting.

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Patch 1.06 Alters One Mission Due To Fan Response

By Jenni . November 11, 2015 . 9:05am

The latest Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s patch encourages people to play one mission at least seven times.

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Final Fantasy XIV Collaboration Event With Final Fantasy XI Is Now Live

By Sato . November 11, 2015 . 7:30am

Final Fantasy XIV might not have the Samurai job but you can look the part through the set of items rewarded from its special Final Fantasy XI collaboration event.

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Second Yakuza 5 Livestream Footage Has Dancing, Confirms Fight Stick Usage With Virtua Fighter 2

By Jenni . November 10, 2015 . 10:00am

In the latest Yakuza 5 video, we get to see “Santa” fight thugs and hunt deer and Haruka work toward becoming an idol.

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New Final Fantasy XIV Items Let You Dress Up Like The Scions

By Casey . November 10, 2015 . 9:00am

Those wishing to be able to dress up their character like Minfillia or Thancred can finally get their wish with these new items added to Final Fantasy XIV’s Mogstation.

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Blade Arcus from Shining EX Footage Shows More Of Misty’s Moves

By Sato . November 10, 2015 . 5:30am

The latest gameplay videos of Blade Arcus from Shining EX shows us more of Shining Hearts’ Pirate Daughter Misty in action.

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Logy Gets An Introduction Trailer For Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book

By Sato . November 9, 2015 . 6:30am

Logix Fiscario, one of the protagonist from Atelier Escha & Logy is making an appearance in Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book, and Gust shared a look at his spotlight trailer.

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Star Ocean 5 Is Getting A Live Stream Event On November 12

By Sato . November 9, 2015 . 5:45am

Square Enix announced that they’re hosting a series of live streams for Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness with the first one, “Star Ocean Program #01” being held on November 12th.

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Get A Closer Look At Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness’ Emerson And Anne

By Sato . November 9, 2015 . 2:00am

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness’ latest update gives us a closer look at the recently revealed characters Emerson and Anne, along with details on their fighting styles.

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Yakuza 5 Shows What Happens When Fights Break Out

By Jenni . November 6, 2015 . 9:00am

See the men of Yakuza itching for a fight while Haruka finds her rhythm in dance battles.