Post 439517

Sword Art Online: Lost Song Lets You Play As Other Characters Besides Kirito

By Sato . October 14, 2014 . 7:30am

Additionally, there are land and sky battles in the game, both with their own fighting styles and you can also seamlessly switch between land and aerial combat.

Post 439450

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Celebrates Halloween With More Costumes

By Sato . October 14, 2014 . 1:45am

Dead or Alive characters, especially the girls, love to dress up and can often be seen in other costume DLCs throughout the year. However, Halloween is when they kick it up a notch with some crazier outfits.

Post 439315

Monster Hunter Frontier Will Get A Graphics Enhancement In Next Expansion

By Sato . October 13, 2014 . 2:31pm

In addition to new areas, weapons, and armor, players will also get to upgrade the graphics for the PC version of the game.

Post 439191

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Should Have Sold Better Than It Did In Japan

By Ishaan . October 13, 2014 . 11:01am

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix sold around 70% of what 1.5 Remix did at launch, but theoretically, it should have done better.

Post 439198

DC Entertainment Announces Mortal Kombat X Comic

By Ishaan . October 13, 2014 . 8:28am

The comic book series will serve as a prequel to the game’s story.

Post 439236

How The Evil Within Looks With Japan’s Gore Mode On And Off

By Spencer . October 13, 2014 . 12:03am

In Japan, by default The Evil Within is edited to be a CERO D game. However, if you reserve The Evil Within and are 18 or over, you’ll get a DLC code for Gore Mode which restores elements in the Western release that were cut to keep the rating in Japan 17+ instead of adults only.

Post 438509

Ar nosurge Requires Real Dedication If You Want To Get Anything Out Of It

By Thomas . October 12, 2014 . 5:06pm

Given that Ar nosurge is connected to another series, Ar tonelico, and is also a direct sequel to the Japan-only Vita game Ciel nosurge, you’re looking at a game that builds upon four other past games and their mythologies.

Post 437875

Square Enix To Release Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Art Book

By Ishaan . October 11, 2014 . 2:00pm

The book will make its debut at the FFXIV Fan Festival in Las Vegas, and will then go on sale via the Square Enix Online Store.

Post 439031

Ultros And Typhon Return As FF6 References In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

By Sato . October 10, 2014 . 1:00pm

Ultros and Typhon will be special enemies at the Amajina Cup Tournament, where they’ll fight against Eorzea’s Hero of Light.

Post 438960

Sony To Hold “PlayStation Experience” Event In December

By Ishaan . October 10, 2014 . 12:25pm

On December 6th and 7th, Sony will hold a “PlayStation Experience” community event in Las Vegas.

Post 438866

See What Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax’s Fighters Like Asuna And Shana Can Do

By Spencer . October 10, 2014 . 1:44am

For readers that have been following the arcade version, this should be a review of what’s to come when Asuna and Shana clash. If you haven’t seen the game in action, watch these videos to see how A Certain Magical Index’s Mikoto and Durarara!!’s Shizuo play.

Post 438863

What’s Inside The Big Kamen Rider: Summonride Box?

By Spencer . October 10, 2014 . 1:11am

The Kamen Rider: Summonride package includes three playable characters – Kamen Rider Drive, Kamen Rider Gaim, and Kamen Rider Wizard.

Post 438788

Bladestorm: Nightmare’s Mix Of Dragons And The 100 Years’ War Set For January

By Spencer . October 10, 2014 . 12:15am

Koei Tecmo is bringing the Bladestorm series back with an enhanced version of the game called Bladestorm: Nightmare in the West. The game takes place during the Hundred Years’ War where players can choose to side with England and France.

Post 438526

Don’t Count On A New Darkstalkers Anytime Soon

By Spencer . October 8, 2014 . 10:48pm

While Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono exclaimed “Darkstalkers are not dead” before, it looks like The Night Warriors are going to be dormant for the time being.

Post 438428

Digimon All-Star Rumble’s Story Mode Is About A Tournament With A Hidden Agenda

By Ishaan . October 8, 2014 . 10:30am

Bandai Namco have shared a new trailer for Digimon All-Star Rumble, showing off various Digimon and their Digivolved forms.