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Monster Hunter Frontier Gets Its First 3rd Generation Monster With Zinogre

By Sato . July 10, 2015 . 3:00pm

Hunters in Monster Hunter Frontier will get to test him out when he appears on the upcoming “G8” update.

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The Heroic Legend of Arslan Adds Gieve And Farangis As Playable Characters

By Sato . July 10, 2015 . 11:01am

Here’s a look at two new characters along with a new game feature.

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Dragon Quest Builders Is Set In The First Dragon Quest Game With Blocks

By Sato . July 9, 2015 . 7:07am

Dragon Quest Builders’ protagonist comes in male and female versions, both drawn by series designer Akira Toriyama. He/she has a special power of being able to create an item out of just about anything.

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Samurai Warriors 4-II Gets A Batch Of Brand New Screenshots

By Ishaan . July 9, 2015 . 6:40am

Check out the new screens inside.

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Samurai Warriors 4 Empires Brings More Strategic Options And Female Commanders

By Spencer . July 9, 2015 . 1:45am

Based on Samurai Warriors 4-II, Samurai Warriors 4: Empires adds more strategic elements to Omega Force’s typical hack and slash gameplay.

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Koihime Enbu Gets A New Trailer That Shows Off Its Fighting Action

By Ishaan . July 8, 2015 . 2:32pm

Yeti have shared a new trailer for the upcoming fighter.

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El Psy Congroo, Steins;Gate 0 Gets A New Trailer

By Sato . July 8, 2015 . 3:00am

Steins;Gate is getting an upcoming sequel by 5pb. and Mages., in Steins;Gate 0, which will tell the story of an alternate world line where Okabe had given up on saving “her.”

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Dragon’s Dogma Online Demonstrates How To Make Pawns

By Sato . July 8, 2015 . 2:15am

Capcom shared a look at some videos that show us a bit of the game’s story, and some of the Pawns of Dragon’s Dogma Online.

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Dragon Quest Builders Is A Minecraft-Like RPG For PS3, PS4, And Vita

By Sato . July 7, 2015 . 11:31pm

Dragon Quest Builders: Revive Alefgard has been announced for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Free For PS Plus In Japan For July

By Sato . July 7, 2015 . 10:43pm

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is headed for release this fall in North America for PS3 and Vita, but you can try it out for free if you have a Japanese PlayStation Plus account, along with other freebie titles for July.

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A List Of Everything Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Patch 3.01 Adds To The Game

By Ishaan . July 7, 2015 . 9:00am

Square Enix have released patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward patch 3.01.

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Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul Trailer Highlights Megrez Delta Alberich

By Sato . July 6, 2015 . 10:50pm

Bandai Namco’s upcoming Saint Seiya fighter will feature various characters from throughout the series, and the latest trailer for Saint Seiya: soldiers’ Soul is all about Megrez Delta Alberich.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward’s Alexander Is Huge Enough To Be A Multi-Part Raid

By Sato . July 6, 2015 . 3:30am

Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensward expansion recently launched, and the game is getting a new series of raids, similar to The Binding Coil of Bahamut, except this time, players will be going inside the giant primal Alexander.

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Minecraft: Story Mode Trailer Shows Off Telltale’s Minecraft Game

By Ishaan . July 4, 2015 . 8:19am

Telltale Games have released a debut trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode.

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Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul Screenshots Show Its Knights In Extra Shiny Armor

By Sato . July 3, 2015 . 3:27pm

Gold Saints, Bronze Saints, or Marines… you name it, Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul has it.