Post 414262

Check Out Natural Doctrine’s English Localization With A New Trailer

By Ishaan . July 11, 2014 . 1:58pm

Natural Doctrine has a new English trailer, which NIS America shared this morning.

Post 412749

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Video Covers Changes Made To Yu, Mitsuru And More

By Ishaan . July 11, 2014 . 9:01am

Atlus USA have shared the first in a series of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax videos that go over some of the major changes made in this version of the game.

Post 413968

Ar noSurge: Ode to an Unborn Star Gets An English Trailer

By Ishaan . July 11, 2014 . 8:30am

Koei Tecmo have released a trailer for Ar noSurge, featuring English text that highlights the game’s premise.

Post 414229

Ar noSurge English Screenshots Show Off The Game’s Localization

By Ishaan . July 11, 2014 . 6:26am

Koei Tecmo have shared a large batch of screenshots for Ar noSurge: Ode to an Unborn Star, featuring a glimpse of the game’s English-language localization.

Post 413752

Another Look At Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’s PS3 And PS4 Arcade Stick

By Sato . July 10, 2014 . 10:34pm

The Persona 4 Arena Ultimax arcade stick consists of high-quality parts made by Sanwa, the leading manufacturer of arcade parts, in a Viewlix layout, as shown above.

Post 413708

Skullgirls Encore Is Coming To PlayStation 4 And Vita

By Ishaan . July 10, 2014 . 2:27pm

Additionally, Lab Zero have provided a work-in-progress video of the game’s next character, Eliza.

Post 413634

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’s New Trailer Is All About Cutscenes

By Ishaan . July 10, 2014 . 1:09pm

A new trailer for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax shows off cutscenes pertaining to the game’s new playable characters.

Post 413665

Namco Celebrates One Million Downloads Of Ace Combat Infinity And Soulcalibur: Lost Swords

By Ishaan . July 10, 2014 . 12:42pm

In the case of Soulcalibur: Lost Swords, Namco will hold a ”One Million Download Campaign” until July 23rd.

Post 413657

Mighty No. 9 Videos Demonstrate Beck’s Basic Actions And Absorb Ability

By Ishaan . July 10, 2014 . 11:13am

Comcept have shared new gameplay footage of Mighty No. 9, explaining how Beck’s in-game actions work.

Post 413652

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Will Be Region-Free Says Atlus USA [Update]

By Ishaan . July 10, 2014 . 10:41am

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is not region-locked, Atlus USA announced this morning.

Post 413462

Reincarnated Minato Is Playable In Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

By Spencer . July 10, 2014 . 1:05am

Minato can transform into Tailed Beast Mode when he uses an awakening. The scan also shows a combination attack with Naruto.

Post 413454

Keep Your Eye On Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax With These Screenshots

By Spencer . July 10, 2014 . 12:18am

Sega will publish the console version of Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax in Japan which will have additional content not found in the arcade game.

Post 413281

Guilty Gear Xrd —SIGN— Shows More Sin Who Attacks With Rushes

By Sato . July 9, 2014 . 10:32pm

Arc System Works revealed Sin Kiske as the latest fighter to Guilty Gear Xrd –Sign-,who is back with his signature war flag weapon and a hunger meter for his special attacks.

Post 412914

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash II Introduces Three New Characters

By Sato . July 9, 2014 . 5:30pm

Alphine, Macberne and Duvali from Trails in the Flash II.

Post 412783

If You Want A Physical Copy Of Class of Heroes 2G, You’d Better Pre-Order Now

By Ishaan . July 9, 2014 . 11:59am

“Once the pre-sale period is done, there won’t be any other chances to order the physical copy of the game,” MonkeyPaw clarified to us in an e-mail.

Post 413211

Yep, Super Hero Generation Looks Like A Strategy RPG All Right

By Ishaan . July 9, 2014 . 10:58am

The first screenshots of Bandai Namco’s latest Gundam x Kamen Rider x Ultraman crossover.

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