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Musou Stars Adds William From Nioh As Its Latest Playable Character

By Sato . February 20, 2017 . 6:10am

With the recent release of Nioh, it was only a matter of time for the action RPG’s protagonist William Adams to join in on the fun of Koei Tecmo’s all-star hack-and-slash title, Musou Stars.

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Blue Reflection’s Latest Gameplay Video Takes Us Through A boss Fight

By Sato . February 20, 2017 . 6:00am

Gust released the latest trailer for their upcoming PS4 and PS Vita game, Blue Reflection, featuring a boss fight with the three magic girls.

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Exile Election Protagonist Kaname Ichijou Can See Lies In Color

By Sato . February 20, 2017 . 3:00am

We’ve seen a bunch of character introduction videos for Exile Election so far, but we finally got a look at the protagonist Kaname Ichijou’s in Nippon Ichi’s latest video for the PS4 and PS Vita death game.

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Accel World vs. Sword Art Online Trailer Shows Off Its New Gameplay And Drama

By Sato . February 20, 2017 . 1:30am

Kirito and Asuna are in danger of forever losing Yui in Accel World vs. Sword Art Online, and the game’s latest trailer gives us a look at its story as well as some more gameplay action.

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Get Ready For More NieR: Automata Action In Upcoming February 23 Live Stream

By Sato . February 20, 2017 . 12:30am

Square Enix announced they’re hosting the fourth official NieR: Automata broadcast on February 23, at 8:00pm JST, where we’ll get to see the latest on the Platinum Games-developed action RPG.

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Final Fantasy XV’s Version 1.05 Now Live, Adds PS4 Pro Support, NieR Music, Higher Level Cap, More

By Sato . February 20, 2017 . 12:00am

Square Enix released the update version 1.05 for Final Fantasy XV that brings PlayStation 4 Pro support, a higher level cap, NieR music from NieR: Automata collaboration, and more to the PS4 and Xbox One RPG.

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President’s Day Brings $219 PlayStation 4 Slim, Xbox One S

By Viet . February 18, 2017 . 10:40am

Its the holiday weekend in the US and both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S are getting big discounts, all the way down to only $219.

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Final Fantasy XIV Reveals New Information About Stormblood Expansion, New Areas, And More

By Casey . February 18, 2017 . 4:30am

During Fan Festival in Frankfurt, Germany, tons of new details about the Stormblood expansion were revealed, including the a glimpse of the land of Doma that players will get to travel to.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets Its First Gameplay Images, Including The First Boss Fight

By Sato . February 18, 2017 . 3:35am

At MAGIC 2017 in Monaco, France, Square Enix showcased a couple new screenshots for Final Fantasy VII Remake, with a world premiere look at an in-game screenshot as well as a look at the first boss fight.

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Kingdom Hearts III’s Newest Screenshot Shows Sora Taking On A Giant Enemy

By Sato . February 18, 2017 . 3:30am

At MAGIC 2017 in Monaco, France, today Square Enix revealed the newest screenshot for Kingdom Hearts III showcasing Sora taking on a giant enemy.

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Samurai Announced As The Second New Job For Final Fantasy XIV’s Stormblood Expansion

By Sato . February 18, 2017 . 1:45am

During the Fan Festival keynote, Yoshi-P revealed Samurai as the second new job for the Stormblood expansion. And yes, Spider-Man was the hint.

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Touhou Kobuto V Headed Westward In Summer 2017 For PS4 And PS Vita

By Casey . February 17, 2017 . 8:40pm

NIS America announced during their 2017 press event that Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle is headed westward in Summer 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku! Releases June 6 In North America, June 9 In Europe

By Casey . February 17, 2017 . 8:25pm

NIS America recently announced at their 2017 press event that Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku! releases in North America on June 6 and Europe on June 9 for PS4, PS Vita, and PC via Steam.

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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Releases September 29 In North America

By Sato . February 17, 2017 . 7:55pm

During NIS America’s 2017 press event, the company revealed release dates for Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, with September 26 for North America and September 29 for Europe.

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Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Headed Westward For PS4, PS Vita, And PC In 2017

By Sato . February 17, 2017 . 7:45pm

During NIS America’s special 2017 presser today, the company revealed that Falcom’s action RPG, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, is headed to North America and Europe in 2017.