Post 105228

There’s A Video Of Record Of Agarest War 2’s Motion Controlled Massage Mini-Game

By Spencer . December 17, 2010 . 2:52am

Also, a look at some downloadable cameo characters from another generation.

Post 102377

You Don’t Need PlayStation Move (Or A PS3) For This Echochrome II Demo

By Spencer . December 2, 2010 . 3:22pm

The Shadow Factory, a “special demo?” from SCEJ’s lets player make their own digital shadow puppets by placing blocks and triangles.

Post 100059

Ape Escape On The Move! Listing Means Furi! Furi! Ape Escape Is Getting Localized

By Spencer . November 18, 2010 . 2:23pm

SCEK is showing off Ape Escape On the Move! to G-Star.

Post 99942

Record Of Agarest War 2 Patch Adds Motion Control For Massage Mini-Game

By Spencer . November 17, 2010 . 10:30pm

Record of Agarest War 2 is getting a post-release PlayStation Move patch. The whole game won’t be move powered, though. Just a few mini-games.

Post 99371

Four PlayStation Move Dudes Strutting Through South Korea

By Spencer . November 15, 2010 . 3:31pm

Kevin Butler pushed PlayStation Move in North America. South Korea? Four people dressed as PlayStation Move controllers strutting through Daegu.

Post 99353

Sony Patent Unveils Kinect-Like Device For Consoles

By Spencer . November 15, 2010 . 2:19pm

Sony Computer Entertainment America may have a Kinect rival. Not a controller-free environment, but a new device that tracks the location of players and has voice control.

Post 97491

Peter Dille Talks PlayStation Move Success And PSP Plans

By Spencer . November 4, 2010 . 1:28pm

We caught up with Peter Dille, Senior Vice President of Marketing at SCEA, to discuss PlayStation Move and PSP, before the topic changed to that of niche games.

Post 96421

Time Crisis: Razing Storm Playtest: They Should’ve Called It Deadstorm Pirates

By Spencer . October 29, 2010 . 7:18pm

Time Crisis: Razing Storm, more appropriately called Big Gun 3 Shooting in Japan, packs three Namco developed light gun games on one disc. Where should we begin?

Post 93811

Some More Ape Escape Motion Screenshots Shake Out

By Spencer . October 15, 2010 . 4:03pm

Fure! Fure! Ape Escape takes the series in a new direction, it’s an on-rails monkey netting simulation. Think of Time Crisis, but with a net and monkeys.

Post 93476

PlayStation Move Makes Top-Ten Accessory List For September

By Ishaan . October 14, 2010 . 5:30pm

Three different PlayStation Move units made it into the top-ten accessory list for September.

Post 92755

Rune Factory Oceans Announced For Wii And PlayStation 3

By Ishaan . October 12, 2010 . 6:28pm

Rune Factory returns to consoles with an entirely new installment and cast of characters.

Post 88332

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories Breaks Away From B-Rated Graphics

By Spencer . September 17, 2010 . 8:26am

Beginning with Disaster Report 3, Irem has been upping production values for the series to the point that Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories hardly looks like a Disaster Report game.

Post 87078

Europe Gets Heavy Rain: Move Edition, Move Patch Coming To North America

By Spencer . September 13, 2010 . 1:02pm

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is re-releasing Heavy Rain with a handful of extras as Heavy Rain: Move Edition.

Post 86005

Sony Also Releasing PlayStation Move Demos On PSN

By Spencer . September 6, 2010 . 11:53am

Already have a PlayStation Eye from The Eye of Judgment? Then you won’t get a demo disc with the Move controller, but there is another way to sample Sony’s Move lineup.

Post 85723

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Comes To PS3 With PlayStation Move Support

By Spencer . September 3, 2010 . 4:25am

Just Add Water is reviving the Oddworld series with a new version of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath.

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