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Moon Diver Ninja Flips On To PlayStation Network On March 29

By Spencer . March 15, 2011 . 11:14pm

Strider co-designer and Osman creator Kouichi Yotsui has been working on a multiplayer ninja game called Moon Diver.

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Parasite Eve II Mutates For PSN Re-Release

By Spencer . March 15, 2011 . 11:12am

Following Parasite Eve, which comes out on PlayStation Network today, Square Enix will release Parasite Eve II as a digital download.

Post 119602

Parasite Eve Spreads To PlayStation Network This Tuesday

By Ishaan . March 13, 2011 . 11:13pm

Aya will make her debut on the PlayStation Network this week.

Post 119584

Red Johnson’s Chronicles Puts You In The Shoes Of A Private Eye

By Ishaan . March 13, 2011 . 3:27pm

Here’s details on Lexis Numerique’s other PlayStation Network game, coming this spring.

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Söldner-X Studio Developers Working On Strategy RPG For PS3

By Spencer . March 11, 2011 . 12:49am

Sidequest Studios and Eastasiasoft are taking a break from space shooters and heading to fantasy realms. Their next project is a strategy RPG called Rainbow Moon.

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Okabu The Most Adorable, Eco-Friendly, Playable PS3 Game At GDC

By Spencer . March 10, 2011 . 6:33pm

HandCircus, the makers of Rolando for iPhone, were at Sony’s PlayStation Lounge at Game Developer’s Conference showing off a PlayStation 3 puzzle game where you control a happy little cloud.

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It’s Kind Of Like What Diablo Would Be With PlayStation Move

By Spencer . March 10, 2011 . 11:37am

I got to play a bit of Dungeon Hunter: Alliance at Game Developer’s Conference. You point the PlayStation Move where you want to go and hold the trigger to make your character (mine was a warrior) move.

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PlayStation Move Ape Escape Is A Downloadable Game In The West

By Spencer . March 10, 2011 . 11:06am

PlayStation Move Ape Escape turns the Move controller into a virtual net, slingshot, and stun… paper fan.

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Dissidia Duodecim Prologus Arrives In North America Next Week

By Spencer . March 10, 2011 . 8:01am

On March 15, fans of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy mashup will be able to play the prologue to the prequel of Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

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The Creators Of Kenka Bancho Turn The Tables By Making You A Tough Teacher

By Spencer . March 10, 2011 . 2:26am

In this PSP game you play as Torao Kaji, a teacher in charge of the delinquents in class 3D. Your students are in need of some tough love, the kind only an ex-badass can give.

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Valis II Scrolls On To PlayStation Network On March 16

By Spencer . March 9, 2011 . 2:38pm

Before she received the legendary Valis sword, Yuko was an ordinary schoolgirl. She’s even wearing her uniform while fighting a monster, but that’s besides the point.

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Mamoru-Kun Demo Lands On PSN Next Week

By Spencer . March 9, 2011 . 2:05pm

PlayStation 3 owners craving a shoot ‘em up should fire up their Japan region PlayStation Network account next week. Cyberfront, publisher of Mamoru-Kun on PlayStation 3, will release a demo on PSN.

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Survival Horror Game “Amy” To Plague PlayStation Network

By Ishaan . March 9, 2011 . 10:06am

French publisher, Lexis Numerique, is bringing a post-apocalyptic survival horror game to the PlayStation 3.

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Alpha Arcanus Is Acquire’s Next Action Game And Its Coming To PS3

By Spencer . March 9, 2011 . 8:07am

At GDC, Tenchu developer Acquire was meeting with publishers behind closed doors. One of the projects they were showing off was Alpha Arcanus.

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Catherine Patch Adds Super Easy Mode And Power Up Drink

By Spencer . March 9, 2011 . 4:03am

Atlus made major modifications to Catherine via a balancing patch. The PlayStation 3 patch is live and it even adds a new difficulty level – super easy mode.

Post 118804

Hard Corps: Uprising Hits PlayStation Network Next Tuesday [Update]

By Spencer . March 8, 2011 . 3:06pm

Hard Corps: Uprising is days away from its PlayStation Network debut. Konami set March 15 as the drop date for PSN where it will cost $9.99.

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