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Playism Confirms The Japanese Games It’s Bringing To PS4, PS Vita This Year

By Chris . April 22, 2015 . 10:26am

Japanese game publisher Playism has confirmed with a new webpage the Japanese games it will be bringing to the US and Europe this year on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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God Eater Heroes Come To The Rescue In Taiko: Drum Master V’s RPG Mode

By Spencer . April 22, 2015 . 12:10am

Bandai Namco has been turning the portable Taiko: Drum Master games into music RPGs. In Taiko: Drum Master V Version, players help Don defeat an ancient dragon by hitting taiko notes.

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BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasm Extend DLC Colors Included With April 23 Issue Of Famitsu

By Spencer . April 21, 2015 . 11:55pm

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasm Extend comes out this week in Japan and if you pick up Famitsu magazine you’ll get a code which can be redeemed for extra character colors for the fighting game.

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Mystery Dungeon Series’ Side-Scroller Spinoff To Release In Japan This July

By Sato . April 21, 2015 . 10:45pm

Spike Chunsoft’s Mystery Dungeon series is getting a spinoff title called Mystery Chronicle: I Can’t Turn Back Until I Win, which plays a lot like One Way Heroics. This week’s issue of Famitsu reveals that the game will release this July in Japan.

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Sword Art Online: Lost Song Update Adds Lux And Seven As Playable Characters

By Sato . April 21, 2015 . 8:57am

The update will also add PvP fights and duel events, which will come in multiplayer and single player modes.

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Tokyo Xanadu Introduces Yuuki Shinomiya, A Genius With An IQ Of Over 180

By Sato . April 21, 2015 . 4:34am

Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan on September 30, 2015.

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Girl Friend Beta Is Headed To PlayStation Vita This Summer In Japan

By Sato . April 21, 2015 . 2:50am

Girl Friend Beta is a social game released in Japan for smartphones back in 2012, and is headed to Vita next.

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More PSP RPGs Are Being Localized Care Of Gaijinworks

By Spencer . April 21, 2015 . 1:21am

While PSP releases have trickled to a halt in Japan, there are a handful of games that have not left Japan. Gaijinworks teased plans to bring over more PSP RPGs which will be announced later this week. These titles will also be compatible with PlayStation Vita.

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Senran Kagura: Estival Versus Update Makes Asuka’s Grandma Playable

By Sato . April 20, 2015 . 8:26am

Asuka’s grandma appears in Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, and while she may appear to be frail and old, but she can probably still kick some serious shinobi butt.

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Going Beyond The Manga With One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3′s Dressrosa Arc

By Spencer . April 20, 2015 . 3:00am

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 includes the Dressrosa arc and adds Shanks as a playable character. Since the Dressrosa arc is still ongoing in the One Piece manga Bandai Namco had to go beyond the source material and create an original story for the game.

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Destroyer Trillion Has Neptunia VII Cameo Characters

By Spencer . April 19, 2015 . 11:30pm

Destroyer Trillion, a strategy RPG game made by former Disgaea 4 staff that moved to Idea Factory, will have a couple of Gamindustri guest characters.

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Persona 4: Dancing All Night’s Story Revolves Around A Cursed Internet Video

By Sato . April 17, 2015 . 2:31pm

Yes, that’s Izanagi jamming out on the bass.

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Amnesia Memories Brings A Little Love To PlayStation Vita And PC

By Spencer . April 17, 2015 . 11:02am

Idea Factory International is beginning to bring over otome games starting with Amnesia Memories for PlayStation Vita and PC.

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Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed Gets Physical In May

By Spencer . April 17, 2015 . 11:00am

Idea Factory International will release Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed on May 19 in North America and May 22 in Europe. The digital release in Europe will be delayed a few days until May 27.

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Rise Of Mana Heads To PlayStation Vita In May

By Spencer . April 16, 2015 . 11:12pm

Back at Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix announced they were bringing Rise of Mana from smartphones to PlayStation Vita. While this is a free to play game, Rise of Mana goes back to the action RPG roots of the series with real time battles with a field to explore.