Post 735760

Catherine: Full Body Shows Off New Animated Sequences And Arranged Stages

By Alistair . September 21, 2018 . 5:00pm

Sega has revealed more about what Catherine: Full Body adds to the original game, including new animated sequences and a brand-new Arranged stages mode for veterans.

Post 735563

Monster Hunter Frontier Dives Into The World Of Phantasy Star With A Collaboration

By Alistair . September 21, 2018 . 2:45am

Capcom have revealed the contents of the upcoming Phantasy Star Online 2 collaboration in Monster Hunter Frontier Z, and it includes costumes, A.I.S., and of course, Rappys.

Post 735497

Yumeutsutsu Re: Master Is The Latest Game By Nurse Love Addiction Maker Kogado Studio

By Alistair . September 21, 2018 . 1:00am

Kogado Studio, the maker of Nurse Love Addiction, announced Yumeutsutsu Re: Master as their latest game at TGS 2018. Instead of a hospital, the game takes place in a game development studio.

Post 735476

Pro Yakyuu Spirits Announced For PlayStation 4 And PlayStation Vita

By Alistair . September 21, 2018 . 12:15am

A new Pro Yakyuu Spirits game has been announced for PS4 and PS Vita, and is set for a 2019 release date.

Post 735172

Catherine: Full Body Adds Aoi Yuuki As One Of Catherine’s Ideal Voices

By Alistair . September 20, 2018 . 3:21am

Atlus announced at TGS 2018 that Aoi Yuuki will be one of the available voices for Catherine as part of the “Ideal Voice” feature in Catherine: Full Body.

Post 735160

Root Letter: Last Answer’s Platforms Revealed As PlayStation 4 And PlayStation Vita

By Sato . September 20, 2018 . 2:40am

Kadokawa Games announced two new projects for their adventure game series Root Letter last month, and today it’s been revealed that one of them, Root Letter: Last Answer, will be on PS4 and PS Vita.

Post 735027

PlayStation Vita To End Production In 2019, No Plans To Announce A Successor For Now

By Sato . September 20, 2018 . 12:00am

The PlayStation Vita will end its production in 2019, Sony Interactive Entertainment senior vice president Hiroyuki Oda said in an interview with Famitsu at TGS 2018.

Post 734845

Romancing SaGa 3 Remaster And Romancing SaGa Re; Universe Appear At TGS 2018

By Jenni . September 19, 2018 . 7:40pm

The Romancing SaGa 3 remaster is coming to Japan in 2019, while Romancing SaGa Re; Universe is in development for mobile devices.

Post 734727

This Week In Sales: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Swings In Next To Spider-Man

By Sato . September 19, 2018 . 9:45am

Last week, Japan, along with the rest of the world, got Crystal Dynamics’ latest Tomb Raider game in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 03 and Black Clover: Quartet Knights also had debuts.

Post 734704

Falcom’s Trails Series Reaches 3.9 Million, Trails of Cold Steel Hits 1.5 Million In Sales

By Sato . September 19, 2018 . 8:30am

Falcom announced that The Legend of Heroes’ Trails series has reached 3.9 million in total sales and the Trails of Cold Steel subseries has hit 1.5 million.

Post 734248

Kenka Bancho Otome 2nd Rumble!! Announced For PS Vita With A New Character Tenma Sagara

By Sato . September 18, 2018 . 1:30am

The Kanka Bancho series’ otome game spinoff, Kenka Bancho Otome, released in May 2016 for PS Vita and it is getting a sequel titled Kenka Bancho Otome 2nd Rumble!! that takes place a year after the first game.

Post 734180

Kiniro no Corda Octave Announced For Switch, PS Vita, PC As The Series’ 15th Anniversary Game

By Alistair . September 17, 2018 . 4:00pm

Koei Tecmo announced Kiniro no Corda: Octave this week as a 15th Anniversary game bringing together characters from across Kiniro no Corda 2 and 3, coming to the Vita, Switch, and PC.

Post 734073

Persona 3 Dancing And Persona 5 Dancing Day One Edition Preorders Include Extra Characters

By Jenni . September 17, 2018 . 7:00am

Pre-orders of Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight will include a free extra character and a song that they will dance to in the respective games.

Post 733894

Catherine: Full Body Gets A New Trailer With Both Original Heroines Going Yandere

By Alistair . September 15, 2018 . 3:30pm

Atlus released a barrage of info on Catherine: Full Body ahead of TGS, including a new trailer, details on the new gameplay options, and a look at the game’s Limited Edition in Japan.

Post 733823

PQube Reveals The Omega Labyrinth Z Special Edition That Never Was

By Alistair . September 14, 2018 . 6:00pm

While the localization for Omega Labyrinth Z was canceled, PQube’s Product Manager gave an interview recently about the special edition originally planned for the game.

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