Post 239589

Pokémon Black/White 2 Will Launch With A Genesect Distribution In U.S.

By Ishaan . September 8, 2012 . 3:00pm

Pokémon #300 in the Unova Pokédex is headed your way.

Post 237731

Keldeo Trailer Shows English Language Footage Of The Legendary Pokémon

By Ishaan . August 30, 2012 . 11:00pm

Keldeo will be available starting this weekend.

Post 237367

This Week In Sales: Bakemonogatari Portable And NIS’ Special Report Division

By Ishaan . August 29, 2012 . 2:16pm

Bakemonogatari Portable brings the quirky anime to PSP, while Nippon Ichi’s Special Report Division releases on Vita.

Post 236343

Pokemon Black/White 2 Give You A Bit More Control Over Breeding

By Ishaan . August 25, 2012 . 3:00pm

How baby Pokémon inherit abilities during breeding has seen a change in Pokémon Black/White 2.

Post 235329

This Week In Sales: New Super Mario Bros. 2 Inches Toward 1 Million Sold

By Ishaan . August 22, 2012 . 2:10pm

Meanwhile, other titles like The Little Battlers: Explosive Boost and Rune Factory 4 continue to perform admirably.

Post 234659

How To Get New Legendary Pokémon, Keldeo, In U.S. And U.K.

By Ishaan . August 20, 2012 . 12:22pm

In North America, Keldeo will be distributed at select GameStop stores, while in the U.K., it will be available at GAME stores.

Post 234374

Pokémon Black & White 2: The All-Comprehensive Pokémon Games

By Laura . August 19, 2012 . 4:30pm

All said and done, Pokémon Black & White 2 feel like the “all-comprehensive” Pokémon game” that have learned from previous games’ strengths and weaknesses.

Post 232160

Pokémon Black & White 2: Diary 6 – A Trek Down Victory Road

By Laura . August 9, 2012 . 5:37pm

The Marine Tube, one of the more advertised new areas in Pokémon Black/White 2, is on par and perhaps even more impressive than Sky Arrow Bridge.

Post 231711

Watch Pokémon Black & White 2′s Animated Intro In English

By Ishaan . August 8, 2012 . 5:58pm

Nintendo shared the English-dubbed version of Pokémon Black/White 2′s animated intro today, and you can watch it inside.

Post 229716

Pokédex 3D Pro Brings The Entire Pokédex To 3DS In November

By Ishaan . August 1, 2012 . 11:00am

Pokémon Black/White 2 will be released in North America on October 7th and in Europe on October 12th. On the same day as their release, Nintendo will also release Pokémon Dream Radar, a Nintendo eShop game where you search for augmented reality Pokémon, and can transfer them to Black/White 2.   Among the Dream Radar […]

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Pokémon Black & White 2 English Trailer Shows Off Story Scenes

By Ishaan . August 1, 2012 . 10:00am

Nintendo have put out a new English trailer for Pokémon Black/White 2, along with new screenshots of the games.

Post 229269

Pokémon Black & White 2: Diary 5 – Greater Freedom Of Exploration

By Laura . July 30, 2012 . 5:46pm

Pokémon Black & White 2 seem to give you a wider breadth of freedom for exploration in between story points.

Post 227210

Pokemon Black & White 2: Diary 4 – Dungeons Ahoy!

By Laura . July 20, 2012 . 3:01pm

I’m struck by optional many of the dungeons in Pokémon Black/White 2 are how.

Post 227196

New Pokémon, Genesect, Headed To Pokémon Black & White 2

By Ishaan . July 20, 2012 . 1:02pm

Pokémon Black/White 2 will be seeing a major Wi-Fi distribution in Japan soon.

Post 226450

This Week In Sales: Time Travelers Tells Its Tale

By Ishaan . July 18, 2012 . 2:31pm

Level 5′s long-awaited sci-fi adventure finally debuts on the 3DS and Vita.

Post 225701

The Best Pokémon Cosplay We Saw Had Pokémon Robots

By Spencer . July 14, 2012 . 9:27am

San Diego Comic-Con is packed with people dressed like Pokémon trainers. If you really want to stand out from the crowd you need to do something awesome like making remote controlled Pokémon robots.

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