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New Legendary Pokémon, Keldeo, Officially Revealed

By Ishaan . February 15, 2012 . 2:32pm

Keldeo’s element type is Water/Fighting, and he’s described as a “Colt Pokémon”.

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Alternate Form Discovered For Pokémon Black/White’s Third Legendary Monster

By Ishaan . February 12, 2012 . 11:00am

Just like how Pokémon Diamond/Pearl had listings for alternate forms of Rotom, Shaymin, and Giratina before Pokémon Platinum was released.

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Mewtwo Teleporting To Pokémon Black And White In North America

By Ishaan . January 25, 2012 . 1:00pm

Starting in February, The Pokémon Company will begin distributing Mewtwo over Wi-Fi for Black/White owners.

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Pokémon Co. To Present Latest Games And Goods News At Jump Festa

By Ishaan . December 5, 2011 . 8:30am

While we still have no clue what their “surprise” could be, The Pokémon Company news page was recently updated with a short post mentioning Jump Festa.

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Grab A Victini With Reshiram And Zekrom’s Moves Next Week

By Ishaan . November 29, 2011 . 8:28am

Nintendo are giving away a level 50 Victini over Wi-Fi to correspond with the new Pokémon movie.

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Pokémon “Surprise” Awaits At December’s Jump Festa

By Ishaan . November 20, 2011 . 12:00pm

The Pokémon Company will be attending Jump Festa for the first time this year.

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Gotcha! Pokémon Gray Domain Was Caught!

By Ishaan . October 19, 2011 . 12:58pm

Melbourne IT Digital Brand Services have registered

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Here’s A Look At The Mewtwo Giveaway For Pokémon Black/White In Japan

By Ishaan . September 26, 2011 . 12:02pm

The Japanese Mewtwo giveaway event is currently running. Here’s a look at what Japanese Black/White owners get.

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Excerpts From Pokémon Black & White’s Castelia City Design Documents

By Ishaan . August 21, 2011 . 2:57pm

Pokémon director, Junichi Masuda, provides insight into how Castelia City’s pier in Pokémon Black/White was modeled after a hand.

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Here’s How Much Each Pokémon RPG Sold On Nintendo DS

By Ishaan . August 5, 2011 . 10:00am

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl, released in 2007, are at the top of the list.

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Expect More Pokémon “Surprises” On Both Nintendo DS And 3DS

By Ishaan . July 20, 2011 . 7:15pm

The Pokémon Company president, Tsunekazu Ishihara, discusses Pokémon on the Nintendo 3DS.

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Mortal Kombat Sees A Flawless Victory In April U.S. Sales

By Ishaan . May 12, 2011 . 4:45pm

The new Mortal Kombat was the best-selling game in the U.S. in April.

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Pokémon Black & White Have Sold 11.5 Million Copies As Of March 2011

By Ishaan . April 26, 2011 . 10:27am

Oh, and Super Mario 64 DS, released back in 2004, sold 1.02 million units this past year.

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Japan Likes Pokémon Black More Than White

By Ishaan . April 18, 2011 . 2:02pm

Pokémon games always come in two colours, and sometimes, it can be hard to decide which colour you like better.

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Pokémon Black & White Were The Best-Selling U.S. Games In March

By Ishaan . April 14, 2011 . 5:38pm

And though it didn’t chart in the top-ten, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition was the best-selling Nintendo 3DS game.