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Pokémon GO’s July Community Day Features Squirtle

By Alistair . June 20, 2018 . 8:30am

Pokémon GO’s next Community Day has been announced, and it will feature Squirtle. Like previous Community Days, by playing the game during the period, you can also unlock exclusive moves for Squirtle or its evolution line.

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Pokémon GO Update Adds Friends And Trading

By Jenni . June 18, 2018 . 9:00am

This week, Pokemon GO players will be able to add one another as friends. This will allow them to raise Friendship Levels, gift certain items found at PokeStops and trade Pokemon if they have enough Stardust.

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Pikachu Becomes A Street Hawker Thanks To Pokemon Stand Vending Machines

By Alistair . June 9, 2018 . 5:30pm

Pokémon Stand is a new Pokémon vending machine that is now available at various Pokémon Centers and airports in Japan, and Pikachu will be appearing on the screen to recommend plushies to people passing by.

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Pokémon Company Highlights More On Pokémon GO, Let’s Go, And Quest In Conference Recording

By Alistair . May 30, 2018 . 2:00pm

Pokémon Quest, Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!, Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!, and a new project was revealed today, and the Pokémon Company later released the full press conference recording, that reveals more about the games.

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Poké Ball Plus Shares More On Battery Life And Other Product Details

By Sato . May 30, 2018 . 1:00am

The Pokémon Company officially revealed Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! alongside a new Poké Ball Plus peripheral that got more details on its official website.

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Alolan Exeggutor Added To Pokémon GO

By Jenni . May 29, 2018 . 7:02pm

To celebrate the Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! announcement, Niantic has added Alolan Exeggutor to Pokémon GO.

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Pokémon GO Getting Alolan Forms

By Jenni . May 21, 2018 . 10:30am

Over the next few weeks, people should start seeing Alolan forms of some Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

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Pokémon GO Fest 2018 And Safari Zone 2018 Announced

By Jenni . May 7, 2018 . 10:00am

Pokemon GO Fest is coming to Chicago, IL again in July 2018, while Safari Zones are planned for Dortmund, Germany and Yokosuka, Japan this summer.

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Pokémon GO Says To Put Up Your Dukes With A Fighting-Type Pokémon Special Event

By Alistair . May 1, 2018 . 9:30am

From 20:00 UTC on May 1 until May 14, 2018, Fighting-type Pokémon will spawn more frequently as part of a special battle event. Gym battles and Raid battles will also have extra bonuses during this period of time.

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Pokémon GO Is Celebrating Kanto With A New Event

By Jenni . April 10, 2018 . 11:00am

Until April 17, 2018, it will be easier to find and evolve Pokemon from the Kanto region in Pokémon GO.

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Pokémon GO’s Newest Legendaries Are Latios And Latias

By Jenni . April 2, 2018 . 10:30am

Between April 2 and June 5, 2018, Latias and Latios will appear in Pokemon GO Raid Battles.

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Pokemon GO’s Next Community Day Features Mareep

By Alistair . March 28, 2018 . 9:30am

Niantic announced that Pokemon GO’s next Community Day will take place on April 15, 2018, from 3am UTC to 6am UTC.

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Pokémon GO Getting Research Tasks

By Jenni . March 26, 2018 . 10:00am

Pokémon GO now has quests, in the form of Field and Special Research tasks assigned by Professor Willow that can result in various rewards.

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Rayquaza Joins Pokemon GO Alongside Groudon And Kyogre Rerun

By Alistair . February 25, 2018 . 11:30am

The legendary Pokemon Rayquaza is available in Pokemon GO in Raid Battles for a limited time, alongside it’s counterparts Groudon and Kyogre.

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Pokemon Go Adds A Rainbow Rocket Costume So You Can Reenact Pokemon HeartGold And SoulSilver

By Alistair . February 15, 2018 . 9:30am

Pokemon GO is adding a Rainbow Rocket costume to its trainer costume customization options, letting you reenact the sneaking scene from Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon SoulSilver if you want to.

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