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Gyromancer: Take A Spin

By Louise . December 1, 2009 . 2:11pm

Gyro, from modern Greek gyros, a circle, or to turn. This is the main mechanic behind Square Enix and Pop Cap’s RPG-slash-puzzle game. Their brain-child is part Pokemon, part Puzzle Quest, and all a force to be reckoned with.

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Square Enix Partners With PopCap Games

By Spencer . September 24, 2009 . 8:18am

Gyromancer, Square Enix’s take on Puzzle Quest, wasn’t developed by Square Enix. Leading casual games developer PopCap Games designed Gyromancer which borrows Bejeweled Twist’s “twist”.

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Crystal Defenders Comes On US Consoles On Xbox Live Arcade First

By Spencer . March 9, 2009 . 9:27am

Crystal Defenders R1 and R2 are live downloads on WiiWare in Japan. We’ve been following both releases expecting a North American launch any Monday now. Instead the Tose programmed Xbox Live Arcade version comes out in North America first. We get it on Wednesday.   Unlike the WiiWare Crystal Defenders series this is a direct […]

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