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This Week In Sales: Monsters, Monsters Everywhere!

By Ishaan . January 11, 2012 . 4:31pm

There were two Monster Hunter titles on the chart last week.

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This Week In Sales: Mario Kart 7 And Monster Hunter 3G Stand Strong

By Ishaan . January 5, 2012 . 4:01pm

Coming out of the holidays, sales were down across the board, but Mario Kart and Monster Hunter didn’t care. Meanwhile Namco released another [email protected]

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This Week In Unseen Sales: What Did PSP Owners Buy During Christmas Week?

By Ishaan . December 29, 2011 . 10:00am

The PSP sold an impressive 100,000 units during Christmas week,even outselling the PlayStation Vita. What did PSP owners buy?

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This Week In Sales: Women And Football

By Ishaan . October 12, 2011 . 5:00pm

Namco Bandai released AKB1/48: I Fell in Love With an Idol in Guam. Many people bought it.

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