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Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Professor Layton slip into 2008

By Spencer . October 11, 2007 . 11:19am

The ominous TBA date on the Smash Brothers Dojo hinted to a delay. And Nintendo just sent out an updated release schedule with a new date for Super Smash Brothers Brawl, February 10, 2008.   Professor Layton and the Curious Village from Level 5 was also supposed to ship on December 3rd, but it got […]

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Watch – Professor Layton and the Devil’s Box trailer

By Spencer . September 7, 2007 . 11:01am

While we’re waiting for the first Professor Layton game to come out, Level 5 is busy finalizing the sequel. The trailer for Professor Layton and the Devil's Box does not show any gameplay footage. Instead it shows some of the anime cutscenes and introduces a few of the new characters. Beware though! Since this is […]

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Fire Emblem and Forever Blue coming to North America

By Spencer . July 11, 2007 . 11:12am

Hidden in Nintendo's release list, but absent from the press conference was a release date for Fire Emblem. It's going to come out on Nov.12 a week after Endless Ocean (aka Forever Blue in Japan). Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast is dated for October 8 and Battalion Wars 2 got pushed back to October 29.   […]