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Dark Souls Has More Of A Demon’s Souls Ring

By Spencer . December 16, 2010 . 4:08pm

Those Dark Rings and Crowns of the Dark trademarks may have been red herrings. Namco Bandai just registered Project Dark in Europe.

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Dark Rings Or Crowns Of The Dark, Which Is A Better Name For Project Dark?

By Spencer . December 7, 2010 . 3:37pm

Namco Bandai will publish the game in North America and Europe, but not under the name Project Dark. That’s a temporary title. Two trademarks hint at what the actual title might be.

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TGS Trailer Shines Light On Project Dark

By Spencer . September 17, 2010 . 7:11pm

The next game developed by the Demon’s Souls team… looks a lot like Demon’s Souls.

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Project Dark Confirmed For International Release On PS3 And Xbox 360

By Spencer . September 16, 2010 . 9:43am

The next game by the Demon’s Souls team is going multiplatform in the West.

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Project Dark Is The Next Game From The Demon’s Souls Team

By Spencer . September 16, 2010 . 12:00am

Look for another dark fantasy RPG on PlayStation 3 next year.

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