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ESRB Examines Record Of Agarest War’s Suggestive Themes

By Spencer . April 6, 2010 . 9:54am

Aksys keeps playing up the innuendo in Record of Agarest War, but it’s just a “T” rated game. So, exactly how naughty is Record of Agarest War?

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Relax, It’s Just A Record Of Agarest War Release Date

By Spencer . April 5, 2010 . 7:24pm

Finished with last month’s RPG surge? Good because Record of Agarest War is coming out soon, but not too soon.

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Record of Agarest War 2 Being Made For PS3

By Spencer . March 17, 2010 . 10:57am

A sequel to Record of Agarest War is in development. No, we’re not talking about Record of Agarest War Zero, that’s a prequel.

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Anyone Want To Publish Record of Agarest War Zero?

By Spencer . March 11, 2010 . 11:01pm

Because Compile Heart is searching for a publisher and distributor in North America and Europe.

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Record of Agarest War Naughty Edition Revealed, Includes Pillowcase And Squishy Mousepad

By Spencer . January 26, 2010 . 11:55am

Aksys announced a limited edition of Record of Agarest War appropriately named “the really naughty limited edition.”

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Make Your Own Record of Agarest War Huggable Pillow

By Spencer . January 19, 2010 . 12:03pm

And all you need is a 500mm x 1600mm pillow. Red Entertainment has the pillowcase covered, so to speak.

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Record of Agarest War Interview Mentions New Translation, Details Creator’s Vision

By Spencer . January 8, 2010 . 1:49pm

Our interview outlines changes Aksys’s version of Record of Agarest War such as a new localization while the director shares his vision for the game and picks his soul breeding partner.

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Record of Agarest War Trailer Spices Up Strategy RPGs

By Spencer . January 3, 2010 . 2:50pm

With tongue firmly in cheek, Aksys flaunted the innuendo in Record of Agarest War.

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Record of Agarest War Director On Soul Breed System Inspiration

By Spencer . December 30, 2009 . 1:40pm

The most discussed feature in Record of Agarest War is the soul breed system, which lets players procreate the next protagonist. How did Compile Heart come up with this idea? We went to the game’s director.

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How Big Is Downloadable Record of Agarest War?

By Spencer . December 3, 2009 . 10:22pm

In North America, the PlayStation 3 version of Record of Agarest War will only be available as a download and it’s one big download.

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Aksys Explains Why Record of Agarest War Was Delayed

By Spencer . November 13, 2009 . 11:13am

We’re getting the expanded Xbox 360 version, Record of Agarest War: Reappearance, too.

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Record of Agarest War Delayed, Battle Fantasia Still On For 2009

By Spencer . November 5, 2009 . 9:34pm

Sure is foggy in Agarest. It’s so foggy Aksys had to push Record of Agarest War back until next year when clearer skies are expected.

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The Tale Of Three Record of Agarest War Covers

By Spencer . August 31, 2009 . 6:32am

Some of you have may have seen the umm… realistic adaptation of Record of Agarest War that Ghostlight was considering for Europe. After internet outcry Ghostlight went with the original box art.

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Initially, Were You "Morbidly Curious" About Record of Agarest War?

By Spencer . August 28, 2009 . 3:00pm

“This is one of those titles where morbid curiosity really hits you once see some screenshots. Instead of being nothing but cheesecake, Record of Agarest War turns out to have some length and girth to it. Color us surprised.”

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Record of Agarest War "Springs" On To PSN In November

By Spencer . August 17, 2009 . 9:13am

Even after knowing about it for months, it’s still hard to believe Record of Agarest War is being localized. We’ll get to play the PS3 “soul breeding” strategy RPG on November 9 via a PlayStation Network download.

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