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Counter-Strike and Warcraft as LCD games?

By Spencer . March 31, 2008 . 12:08pm

Young'uns might not remember handheld LCD games, but before the Game Boy these crude devices were handheld gaming. Tiger Electronics was the king of licensing franchises like Ninja Gaiden and Mega Man only to butcher them into rudimentary diversions with static backgrounds. However, LCD games haven’t completely gone the way of the dodo. They still […]

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Titanic RPG sinks into obscurity

By Spencer . March 21, 2008 . 10:29pm

The Final Fantasy VII Famicom bootleg got a notable amount of attention and rightfully so since it Cloud is in it. Even though Titanic raked in over a billion at the box office only Insert Credit is linking to a post about a bootleg game based on the sappy love story. I have to thank […]

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Vyse’s View: Captain Nintendo and the Industry in the Days of the NES

By Andrew . March 20, 2008 . 12:52pm

As a video game journalist, consumer, and fan, I feel that I have a pretty accurate view of the current state of the industry.  However, like most video game enthusiasts, I have little actual knowledge about what goes on behind the closed doors of my favorite video game companies.  I usually gobble up what info […]

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Vyse’s View: South Jersey Classic

By Andrew . March 5, 2008 . 9:46am

The first Saturday of every month is not just an excuse to come home from college and get my laundry done.  It’s also a time for me to celebrate my favorite pastime.  My friend Nick owns a hardcore video game store called Next Level Games and holds a gathering he’s dubbed the South Jersey Classic. […]

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Vyse’s View: Revisiting the Original Game Boy

By Andrew . February 27, 2008 . 10:41pm

  It's a sad fact that most gamers, even the most hardcore, totally ignore the original Game Boy today. Sure, many of us revisit the NES via emulation, whether it be legal through the Wii VC or otherwise, and many of us still have our old consoles. But how many of us actually look back […]

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Found at CES: the Genesis / NES hybrid

By Spencer . January 9, 2008 . 9:44am

I can’t see much personal use for the line of RetroDuo consoles since all my old consoles work, but there is some novelty in having the “Gen-X” a third party hybrid that plays Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis games. Remember when the two companies were mortal enemies?   There are two other models of […]

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Impossible Mission: Classic C64 Gaming Exclusively at Gamestop

By Andrew . December 24, 2007 . 11:50am

When I went into Gamestop earlier in the week to pick up my usual helping of games, I was looking at the DS wall and found quite a surprise: a new Gamestop exclusive game called Impossible Mission!  I always love seeing exclusive titles and I hadn't heard of this release.  I recognized the name immediately […]

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Shoot the core! Shmup miniatures

By Spencer . November 29, 2007 . 4:04pm

Yujin is releasing a sweet set of ships from classic shmups. You can get the Vic Viper 301 from Gradius, the Silver Hawk from Darius Gaiden or my favorite the Arrowhead from R-Type with a force. I italicized can because these are gashapon toys, you won’t know what you get until open them up. However, […]

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Ten years later, GoldenEye 007 gains new levels

By Spencer . November 5, 2007 . 5:44am

GoldenEye 007 is arguably the best first person shooter on the Nintendo 64 and it’s probably the best game to use the James Bond license. Rare gave up working on the game many years ago, but since GoldenEye 007 is fondly remembered a community picked up the slack. The GoldenEye Vault is home to a […]

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Happy Halloween, Atari 2600 edition

By Spencer . October 31, 2007 . 10:35am

Flashback! There were “scary” games on the Atari 2600 like Halloween, which is based off the series of slasher flicks movies. Nothing spells terror like brightly colored rooms and “flickering” lights. And by flickering lights I mean the screen flashes black. In Halloween you play as a babysitter (green shaped thing) and you have to […]

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Ouch! Double Dragon fails?

By Spencer . May 12, 2007 . 10:16am

I was reading the BBPS when I spotted Dan (hi!) ripping the Xbox Live Arcade version of Double Dragon a new one.   To put it plainly and simply, Double Dragon is the biggest ripoff that Microsoft has ever had on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and I am taking into account the horse armor and […]

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Retro Revival: Spider Man on the 2600

By Spencer . May 3, 2007 . 8:26am

While North America is getting ready to see Spider Man 3 this weekend and some fans are drooling over Treyarch’s “next-gen” Spider Man game, I’m reminded of the first Spider Man video game made by Parker Brothers for the Atari 2600. For an Atari game Spider Man doesn’t look that bad, you can actually distinguish […]

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Zaxxon retro Remade

By Konstantinos . April 23, 2007 . 3:48am

Believe it or not, more than 25 years have passed since the original release of Zaxxon and another 20 since I first played its CGA PC version on a then impressive IBM AT. Zaxxon was (quite shockingly, being a single-player game and all) the most enjoyable multi-player video game of my childhood. I pressed space […]

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Let a thousand PDF magazines bloom

By Konstantinos . April 11, 2007 . 6:17am

The PDF magazine, or to be more precise the freeware video gaming PDF magazine, is an interesting and contradictory medium. It thrives in the so-called Web 2.0 highly interactive user-based environment, while avoiding to offer its audience any direct means of influencing (or even commenting on) its content. It also functions very much like a […]

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Reliving memories in Monster World Complete Collection

By Kurt . March 14, 2007 . 1:47pm

Wonder Boy may not be a household name to most video game fans, but the series holds a special place in the hearts of Sega aficionados. What started as a simple arcade side-scroller eventually blossomed into fantastic action/adventure games that were usually overlooked by virtue of them not being on a Nintendo system. Now Sega […]

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