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Rhythm de Run Run: The Most Basic Beat

By Spencer . April 28, 2009 . 11:33am

Saying Rhythm de Run Run is simple is an understatement. All you do in Alphaunit’s DS music game is hit one button, make a sound or tap the screen to the beat. Good thing this has quirky stories like a kid trying to catch a port-a-potty on wheels.

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Like Rhythm Heaven? Then Check Out Rhythm De Run Run Run

By Spencer . March 12, 2009 . 4:23am

Nintendo will bring us Rhythm Heaven in April, but in Japan it’s old hat. That leaves room for Alphaunit to make a beat tapping game of their own. Like Nintendo’s game Rhythm De Run Run Run is wacky.   In one level you help a kid chase a moving port-a-potty before his bladder bursts. Another […]

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