Post 63067

The Amazon Curve: Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

By Laura . March 4, 2010 . 11:49am

“It felt more like I had been slowly reading a novel than that I had just cleared a game.”

Post 60875

Rising Star Announce No More Heroes 2 For April

By Ishaan . February 11, 2010 . 8:38am

Rising Star confirmed Europeans can once again recharge their beam katanas come this April.

Post 58868

Rising Star Resecures Rights To Publish Marvelous Games

By Ishaan . January 25, 2010 . 9:13am

European publisher unaffected by Marvelous Entertainment’s new licensing model. Rising Star will continue to bring games like Luminous Arc, Harvest Moon, and No More Heroes to PAL territories.

Post 53129

Rising Star Catches Up To North American Releases in Q1, 2010

By Ishaan . November 24, 2009 . 8:58am

Fragile, Way of the Samurai 3, Rune Factory Frontier and Half-Minute Hero are on the schedule. Also, Sky Crawlers is being published by Namco Bandai in Europe.

Post 50317

Many UK Retailers Refuse To Stock Muramasa: The Demon Blade

By Ishaan . October 25, 2009 . 9:46am

The information actually comes from Martin Defries, managing director and COO of Rising Star.

Post 15643

Rising Star gets retro shooter XG Blast

By Spencer . August 19, 2008 . 9:51am

Rising Star Games has a title that doesn’t originate from Marvelous or any other Japanese studio in their 2008 line up. This explains why XG Blast looks so different from Rising Star’s usual catalog of RPGs and Harvest Moon games. XG Blast is an arcade style shooter with a spaceship and aliens. You shoot them […]

Post 13675

Rising Star Games brings dungeon making to the DS

By Spencer . June 12, 2008 . 11:36am

We previously reported this as a rumor, but today it’s official. Europe is getting Dungeon Maker: Mahou no Shovel to Chiisana Yuusha on September 19. In PAL territories Rising Star Games, who also published Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground, will simply call it Dungeon Maker. The game is a dungeon crawler with the twist of letting […]

Post 12507

Amazon UK distributes more Rising Star rumors

By Spencer . May 1, 2008 . 9:42am

Recently, Rising Star hasn’t announced many games from their Japanese counterpart, Marvelous Interactive. Instead the European publisher is busy distributing Baroque, Growlanser: Heritage of War and LOL, better known as Bakushow in the region.   However, in the latter half of 2008 Rising Star may be shifting their focus. We already reported Lux Pain, a […]

Post 12497

Someone is localizing Lux Pain…

By Spencer . April 30, 2008 . 2:47pm

And it’s probably Rising Star. Marvelous Interactive who published the Killaware designed game earlier this year and you may have forgotten about Lux Pain by now. Maybe you never heard of it. This trailer should help get you up to speed.   [youtube][/youtube]    The short story is Lux Pain is an adventure game where […]

Post 12495

Rising Star creates dungeons, localizes Dungeon Maker DS?

By Spencer . April 30, 2008 . 2:30pm

Global A Entertainment, who developed the underappreciated Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground, gave their dungeon creator/crawler series another go on the Nintendo DS last year with Dungeon Maker: Mahou no Shovel to Chiisa na Yuushya. The title is something like Dungeon Maker: The Shovel of Magic and the Tiny Hero and as the title explains players […]

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Pilot Academy flying to North America?

By Spencer . March 24, 2008 . 8:12am

In September ‘06 Marvelous released a flight simulator on the PSP called Pilot ni Narou Flying All-Stars. Rising Star, Marvelous’ European publishing arm, naturally localized the game for Europe in 2007. To date no North American release has even been considered since Marvelous isn’t open for business yet.   However, budget publisher Valcon Games may […]

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New Moon, Europe’s Harvest Moon Wii-make dated

By Spencer . December 21, 2007 . 6:34am

Despite netting a 2008 release window, the Wii version of Harvest Moon: Magical Melody mysteriously vanished from Rising Star’s homepage. After so many delays I feared it may have gotten a quiet axe, but this isn’t the case. I contacted Rising Star and they assuaged my worries. The website was shuffled around a couple of […]

Post 7181

The fate of Harvest Moon: Magical Melody’s Wiimake

By Spencer . September 25, 2007 . 7:51am

After its absence from the media, I spoke to Rising Star Games about the Wii version of Harvest Moon: Magical Melody. I was told the game is currently undergoing Nintendo of Europe’s approval process and their website announcement confirms this news.   So when is it coming out? Maybe next year. Even if it passes […]

Post 5044

Ultraviolence break, No More Heroes in ’08

By Spencer . June 24, 2007 . 10:22am

We are starting to hone in on when No More Heroes is going to come out. Japan gets it in winter 2007 and it looks like Europe is getting it in early '08 care of Rising Star Games.   The year ahead promises more exciting games in the ‘Harvest Moon’ series for Nintendo DS & […]

Post 5042

The next Gamecube Wiimake, Harvest Moon

By Spencer . June 24, 2007 . 8:19am

It looks like the rumor about Harvest Moon: Magical Melody getting a remake for the Nintendo Wii is true. Rising Star games, the European arm of Marvelous Interactive, has an official page up for Harvest Moon: Magical Melody with Nintendo Wii box art. Harvest Moon fans might remember that we got this title in North […]

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