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This Week In Sales: The New Year’s Finish Line

By Sato . January 6, 2017 . 8:15am

Last week, Japan didn’t see any notable new releases, but what it had was more like a race to see who can finish 2016 on top for bragging rights.

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This Week In Sales: Pokémon Sun & Moon Closes Out The Year On Top

By Sato . December 30, 2016 . 7:00am

Last week, Japan had a pretty busy Christmas week in sales with strong performances from many of its top titles. New titles include Momotaro Dentetsu 2017 and Osomatsu-san: Matsu Matsuri!

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This Week In Sales: Yo-kai Watch 3 Cooks Up Its Sukiyaki Version

By Sato . December 23, 2016 . 1:00pm

Last week, Japan saw the release in a major title with Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki, Level-5’s third version of Yo-kai Watch 3 for Nintendo 3DS, as well as SaGa: Scarlet Grace on PS Vita by Square Enix.

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SaGa Creator Says The Series Can Go On As Long As There’s Fan Demand

By Sato . December 21, 2016 . 1:30am

Square Enix released SaGa: Scarlet Grace in Japan on December 15, and series creator Akitoshi Kawazu had a bit to say about its development and what’s next in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.

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SaGa: Scarlet Grace Trailer Shows Us Its Heroes, Exploration, And Battle System

By Sato . December 14, 2016 . 9:15am

Square Enix shared a new video for their upcoming PS Vita RPG, SaGa: Scarlet Grace with a game systems overview, including a look at its key characters, world exploration, battles, and more.

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SaGa: Scarlet Grace’s New Gameplay Trailer Features Battles And Scenes With Key Characters

By Sato . December 9, 2016 . 2:00am

Square Enix shared a look at a new trailer for their upcoming PS Vita RPG, SaGa: Scarlet Grace. We also got a new ad for the game that starts out with a look at past titles from the series.

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Square Enix’s Jump Festa 2017 Lineup Has Dragon Quest XI, NieR: Automata, And More

By Sato . November 30, 2016 . 12:30am

Those of you looking forward to seeing more of Dragon Quest XI, mark your calendars, as Square Enix has it listed among several other titles for their Jump Festa 2017 lineup that just got announced.

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SaGa: Scarlet Grace Is Getting A 40-Track OST By Kenji Ito On December 21

By Sato . October 28, 2016 . 2:30am

Square Enix announced that their upcoming PS Vita RPG, SaGa: Scarlet Grace, is getting an original soundtrack album in Japan with music by Kenji Ito on December 21, 2016.

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SaGa: Scarlet Grace Gets 7 Different PlayStation Vita Models Announced For Japan

By Sato . October 24, 2016 . 1:00am

New PlayStation Vita models for SaGa: Scarlet Grace were revealed in Japan. They come in four different designs and in color variations of Metallic Red, Glacier White, and Black.

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SaGa: Scarlet Grace Gets Major Improvements On Loading Times

By Sato . October 19, 2016 . 12:30am

Square Enix previously said they’re working on speeding up the loading times for SaGa: Scarlet Grace and they’ve delivered as promised with a video showing its major improvements on the PS Vita RPG.

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Square Enix Working On Speeding Up Loading Times For SaGa: Scarlet Grace

By Sato . September 23, 2016 . 1:40am

We got to see plenty of SaGa: Scarlet Grace gameplay at Tokyo Game Show 2016, but after hearing some feedback from fans, creator Akitoshi Kawazu says they’re working on speeding up its loading times.

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SaGa: Scarlet Grace’s TGS 2016 Trailer Features More Of Its World, Characters, And Gameplay

By Sato . September 15, 2016 . 11:10am

We previously got a look at new footage of Square Enix’s upcoming PS Vita RPG, SaGa: Scarlet Grace, and the company has provided another look with an extended trailer at TGS 2016.

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SaGa: Scarlet Grace Introduces Its Four Protagonists, Exploration, Battle System, And More

By Sato . September 14, 2016 . 5:00am

SaGa: Scarlet Grace’s newest information tells us more about its four playable characters, on how you’ll explore the world, on its battle system, gameplay, and more.

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SaGa: Scarlet Grace To Release In Japan On December 15, 2016

By Sato . September 13, 2016 . 12:16am

Square Enix announced during the 2016 PlayStation Press Conference in Japan that SaGa: Scarlet Grace, their latest entry in the SaGa series is releasing in Japan on December 15, 2016 for PS Vita.

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Square Enix’s TGS 2016 Lineup Has Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8, And More

By Sato . August 31, 2016 . 12:30am

Square Enix revealed their lineup of games we can expect to see from them at Tokyo Game Show 2016, featuring various Final Fantasy titles, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8, NieR: Automata, and more.

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