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Blazblue’s Rachel Alucard Crosses Over Into Lost Saga

By Eugene . April 19, 2014 . 3:29pm

BlazBlue’s gothic lolita vampire Rachel seems to have stumbled into the world of online brawler Lost Saga.

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Latest Harvest December Visual Novel Puts The Protagonist In A Pinch

By Sato . April 18, 2014 . 5:01pm

In last month’s Lovely March, the protagonist Masaki Konna had a handful to deal with in his relationship with Yuki, but it looks like things just might get a little more uncomfortable for him in April.

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Sheik Tickles Pikachu And More In These Super Smash Bros. Screenshots

By Ishaan . April 17, 2014 . 12:31pm

Prepare for some amusing situations with these new Super Smash Bros. screens.

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Gun Fire Girls Looks Like A Smart Way To Handle A Shooter On Smartphones

By Eugene . April 14, 2014 . 11:58am

Gun Fire Girls is a popular Korean shooter. It features three women with ridiculously oversized guns who are purging the land land of an undead/demonic menace.

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Atelier Shallie Changes The World Depending On How You Play

By Spencer . April 14, 2014 . 4:36am

Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea has a world that adapts depending on your actions. While you’re exploring the world the game changes what you’ll see on the field.

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Psikyo’s Gunbird Is Back After A Long Hiatus. In Korea That Is.

By Eugene . April 13, 2014 . 3:30pm

The last we heard about Gunbird 2 Remix was back in 2010. Back then, PM Studios noted to Siliconera some issues they couldn’t comment on. While we wait on that, there’s now a brand new Korean version called Gunbird S for Kakao on smartphones.

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Puzzle Your Way Through This Mansion Where The Rooms Themselves Move

By Eugene . April 13, 2014 . 2:00pm

The Mansion: A Puzzle of Rooms is, at its core, a sliding puzzle game. Players strive for the exit by sliding a tile around into a movable slot, but each tile is an actual room in this toymaker’s mansion.

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Ozstone Turns The Wizard of Oz Into A Tower Defense Game

By Eugene . April 12, 2014 . 3:31pm

We’ve covered all sorts of Wizard of Oz-related games before, but here’s one that slid in under the radar.

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Online 2D Social RPG Dragon Blaze Heading West This Year

By Eugene . April 12, 2014 . 9:31am

The game’s big draw is your ability to manage and handle different skill cooldowns for your party.

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Visual Novel Kendo Crush Could Use Some Kickstarter Help

By Eugene . April 11, 2014 . 3:00pm

Kendo Crush is a light-hearted slice-of-life visual novel that aims to be absolutely free for anyone to download and play. But first, it needs to get made.

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Strategic Placement Is The Key In Card Game Divine Girls

By Eugene . April 11, 2014 . 10:31am

After failing abysmally at trying to summon a legendary devil, you’re stuck with a cute and sassy angel instead. And she isn’t happy.

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Side-Scrolling Brawler Grand Chase Reopens Doors After Server Transition

By Eugene . April 11, 2014 . 8:31am

Players of the previous version can migrate their accounts over, with publisher KOG Games noting they have lifted the deadline for migrating accounts over for the time being.

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Guild Wars 2 Now Lets Players Unleash Their Inner Drummer

By Eugene . April 10, 2014 . 10:57am

Guild Wars 2 has introduced a drum set for players to purchase in-game. It lets users create actual personalized music within the game.

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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Looks Really Good, Too

By Ishaan . April 9, 2014 . 5:15pm

The Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. looks great, but it’s the Nintendo 3DS version of the game that’s being released first—and this version looks pretty damn good itself.

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These Super Smash Bros. Screenshots Look So Very Chaotic

By Ishaan . April 9, 2014 . 9:32am

Additionally, it looks like we can expect to see some Bandai Namco representation in the game as well, in the form of new items.

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Soulcalibur: Lost Swords Adds Quest To Unlock Pyrrha And Her Wedding Dress

By Spencer . April 9, 2014 . 1:35am

Treasure chests with items are your rewards for defeating enemies and completing quests in Soulcalibur: Lost Swords. The Pyrrah unlock quest will have items like a super rare wedding dress and matching wedding shoes.

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