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Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Shows Off Playable Vergil, Trish, And Lady

By Ishaan . March 23, 2015 . 9:29am

Capcom have released a debut trailer and screenshots for Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition.

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Simulation Fans, Look Out For A-Train: City Simulator This April

By Ishaan . March 19, 2015 . 12:28pm

A-Train: City Simulator will be released in North America this April, Natsume have announced.

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Rare Konami Shmup Comes To PlayStation 4

By Spencer . March 19, 2015 . 1:48am

Hamster the company that ported the arcade version of Gradius to PlayStation 4 picked up the rights to re-release Typhoon aka A-Jax in Japan.

Post 470255

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II’s Spelunker Collaboration Revealed

By Spencer . March 18, 2015 . 11:45pm

Also see the latest screenshots of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II that show the CPU Candidates, Nepgear, Uni, Ram, and Rom.

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Neptunia’s CPUs Duke It Out In Neptunia U: Action Unleashed’s Gamindustri Gauntlet

By Spencer . March 18, 2015 . 1:20am

While there isn’t a full-fledged Hyperdimension Neptunia fighting game (yet?), Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed has a mode where the CPUs can battle each other.

Post 468544

Take A Look At The Mighty No. 4 Stage From Mighty No. 9

By Ishaan . March 10, 2015 . 10:27am

Take a look at some of the hazards you’ll encounter.

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Here’s A First Look At Luminous Arc Maker’s New Strategy RPG, Stella Glow

By Sato . March 10, 2015 . 9:27am

Here’s a first look at the game, along with some details on the staff behind its development.

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Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Coming To The West

By Ishaan . March 10, 2015 . 6:05am

Senran Kagura 2 will be released in both North America and Europe.

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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Screens Show Off Areas From The Demo

By Ishaan . March 7, 2015 . 2:58pm

Demo to have voiceover work in English and Japanese.

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Kanji, Yosuke, And Chie Bust A Move In New Persona 4: Dancing All Night Screenshots

By Spencer . February 27, 2015 . 1:00am

Famitsu shared more screenshots of Persona 4: Dancing All Night, a music game with Persona tunes developed by Dingo.

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Soulcalibur: Lost Swords Collaborates With Witchcraft Manga Artist

By Spencer . February 25, 2015 . 12:50am

Soulcalibur: Lost Swords, a free to play take on the fighting game series, has a couple of crossover costumes. The latest artist they worked with is Yamatogawa who worked on manga like Witchcraft.

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Has A Hidden Movie And A New Costume

By Spencer . February 23, 2015 . 1:15am

In addition to upgrading the graphics, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has a couple of brand new elements not found in the PSP release. If players meet certain conditions they can unlock a secret movie.

Post 465166

Omega Quintet Performs Its Opening Video

By Spencer . February 19, 2015 . 11:10pm

Check out the first English screenshots of Omega Quintet inside.

Post 465149

Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed Dishes Out Over A Million Damage

By Spencer . February 19, 2015 . 10:42pm

The PlayStation Vita hack and slash game lets players bring two CPUs on the battlefield. You can switch between characters on the fly and create combos that do well over a million damage according to these screenshots.

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The Awakened Fate Ultimatum Dives Into Dungeons

By Spencer . February 19, 2015 . 8:40pm

The Awakened Fate Ultimatum, a sequel to The Guided Fate Paradox, begins when the main character is stabbed in the heart by a group of devils.