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Meta analysis: Classics people don’t play

By Spencer . February 20, 2007 . 2:31pm

No gamer plays every title on the market and even game journalists overlook the old school. What about the general public? How many gamers missed out on the Legend of Zelda even though it’s been released on the NES, Game Boy Advance, Gamecube (via The Legend of Zelda: Collector’s Edition disc) and most recently, the […]

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Streets of Rage Remake

By Konstantinos . February 5, 2007 . 11:16am

Streets of Rage, the archetypal SEGA Genesis/Megadrive 2D side-scrolling beat’em up, will soon be gracing the Wii Virtual Console. Presumably, for a price. Now, taking into consideration that a) most people haven’t got their much deserved Wiis yet b) Virtual Console games are slightly overpriced c) every PC owner has more than 128MB of RAM, […]

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Now on the Virtual Console: Mario Kart, Comix Zone and Contra

By Spencer . January 29, 2007 . 11:09am

After only releasing one title last week, Nintendo has four classics coming out on the Virtual Console. Mario Kart 64 is probably going to be the most downloaded game. It’s the Nintendo 64 game repackaged for the Wii and if you liked it then you’re going to like it now. Contra III: The Alien Wars […]

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Watch: Failed experiments in motion control, the Sega Activator

By Spencer . January 19, 2007 . 6:35pm

Before the Wii remote, Sega tried to get gamers more into the “game” with a full body controller known as the Sega Activator. Players would put the activator mat on a floor and instead of pressing buttons they could control games by hitting infrared beams (sort of like Konami’s Para Para set up). It was […]

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A new Sonic game, this one is good

By Spencer . January 2, 2007 . 2:04pm

Sonic the Hedgehogs next generation debut was a bust, but Sonic 1 Megamix brings Sonic back to his glory days. The game is a homebrew hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 1 with new levels, physics from Sonic 2 and abilities from future games. Sonic has the spindash, the light dash where he runs through a […]

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Can Sonic be saved?

By Spencer . December 6, 2006 . 8:48am

Whatever happened to Sonic the Hedgehog? In his 16 bit glory days his edgy personality and lightning fast speed made him a perfect rival to Mario. Sonic was one of the major reasons the Genesis succeeded and the lack of a solid Sonic game was one of the reasons why the Saturn failed. Since games […]

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Now on the Virtual Console: Columns, Donkey Kong Jr. and two more games

By Spencer . December 4, 2006 . 9:00am

Every Monday at 9AM PST Nintendo is going to release four more games on the Wii’s virtual console shop in North America. This week we get Donkey Kong Jr., Victory Run, Columns and Ristar. Columns looks like the “gem” out of this group. Even though it is a Tetris clone, Columns is addictive casual fun. […]

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MIGS 2006: Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s keynote speech

By Katie . November 12, 2006 . 1:47pm

It’s been all wrapped up and sent first class to the books of videogame industry past, but when the floor had fallen silent at the MIGS, Siliconera walked out with all the best dirt – and boy, were they ever big, dirty floors! So although cleanup will take a while, just sit tight and we’ll […]

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Calling Sega fans, Genesis collection is now on the PS2

By Spencer . November 7, 2006 . 7:15am

With so many releases this week, Sega Genesis Collection fell under the radar. The budget PS2 release has 28 Sega Genesis classics. To no surprise Sonic the Hedgehog, Ecco the Dolphin and Altered Beast made the cut. The compilation has gems like the Golden Axe trilogy and all of the Phantasy Games for the Genesis. […]

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GamePro TV Episode 7 – “Sip and Puff” Edition

By Nicholas . September 22, 2006 . 1:10pm

This is it. After retrieving my old VHS tape of GamePro TV episodes from cardboard box exile and uploading its encoded treasures to the Internet for the world to witness once again, the inevitable has occurred. The tape can fast-forward no further. There are no more episodes of GamePro TV to present.   All good […]

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GamePro TV Episode 5 – “THECRUSHEL” Edition

By Nicholas . August 18, 2006 . 10:58am

SWAT: ToeJam & Earl – Genesis, Mega Man IV – NES, Super Castlevania IV – SNES, Bonk’s Revenge – TG16, Devil’s Crush – TG16, El Viento – Genesis   Ask The Pros: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Video Game Adventure – NES   Pro Review: Tiny Toon Adventures – NES   16 Bit Hits: Lemmings – […]

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GamePro TV Episode 4 – “Cheese Bridge and Soda Lake” Edition

By Nicholas . August 11, 2006 . 11:05am

NOTE: When I label these videos “Episode 4″ and such, I don’t mean it is the actual fourth episode of GamePro TV produced. It just means that it’s the fourth episode I recorded. Unless GamePro decides to put up episodes of their TV show on their Web site, or if someone else has a more […]

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Sega Genesis Collection coming to PS2 and PSP

By Spencer . August 10, 2006 . 3:18pm

In a surprise announcement from Sega, they announced that they are bringing a compilation of over thirty classic Genesis games such as Alex Kidd, Altered Beast (pictured), Comix Zone, Phantasy Star, Golden Axe and of course Sonic the Hedgehog to the PS2 and PSP. Also on the disc are extras like interviews with the developers. […]

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Rocking out to Sonic the Hedgehog

By Spencer . August 6, 2006 . 10:12am

The Brazilian rock band, Holus, dropped Destructoid a line with a video of them playing Sonic the Hedgehog themes in one of their shows. Brings back memories doesn’t it? Also somewhat related is another article about a guy who turned a Genesis into a guitar!

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Watch episode 2 of GamePro TV

By Nicholas . July 27, 2006 . 2:56pm

Here’s the second recorded episode of GamePro TV! Games featured in the video include: The Rocketeer (NES), Shadowgate (NES), The Immortal (Genesis), Battletoads (NES), Batman (GameBoy), Gain Ground (Genesis) Ask The Pros: The Immortal – Genesis Pro Review: Bucky O’Hare – NES The Cutting Edge: Game Action Replay – NES 16 Bit Hits: John Madden […]