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PS Plus Japan Gets A Couple Sengoku Basara Games And Tokyo Jungle For November 2017

By Sato . November 8, 2017 . 5:00am

Sony shared the full list of freebie titles that PS Plus Japan is getting for November, and it includes Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi, Sengoku Basara: Legend of Sanada Yukimura, Tokyo Jungle, and more.

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Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi Videos Show Off Its Many Collaboration Costumes

By Sato . July 22, 2015 . 10:45pm

Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi, the updated PlayStation 4 version of the game is getting several new features, in addition to a bunch of collaboration costumes.

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Check Out Ashikaga Yoshiteru Dominate In Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi

By Sato . July 3, 2015 . 1:45am

With new story scenarios and animated scenes, Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi boasts the most content from any game of its series. Capcom recently put the game to test with some Ashikaga Yoshiteru gameplay.

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Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi Trailer Is Packed With Dramatic Samurai Action

By Sato . June 30, 2015 . 3:00am

Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi is an updated PlayStation 4 version of the original game, with a bunch of extra new costumes. Capcom shared the latest trailer for the upcoming title.

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Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi Goes Hunting With Monster Hunter Costumes

By Sato . June 17, 2015 . 10:45pm

Takeda Shingen, Matsu, and Maeda Toshiie put on their Monster Hunter gear. And uhh… so does Goto Matabee.

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Close Up With Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi’s Street Fighter IV Outfits

By Sato . June 3, 2015 . 11:20pm

Following Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi’s recently revealed Resident Evil costumes, the game announced another Capcom collaboration with the Street Fighter IV series.

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Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi Gets Street Fighter IV Costumes

By Sato . June 2, 2015 . 3:15am

The fifth wave of collaboration costumes feature the outfits of Ken, Rose, Ryu, and Chun-Li.

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Sengoku Basara Gets A 10th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4

By Sato . May 28, 2015 . 12:50am

In commemoration of Sengoku Basara’s 10th anniversary, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia announced that the series is getting a set of special edition PlayStation 4 consoles that will release alongside Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi.

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Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi Gets Costumes From Resident Evil

By Sato . May 19, 2015 . 4:00am

Maeda Toshimasu as Chris Redfield, Katakura Kagetsuna as Leon Kennedy, and more.

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Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi’s New Trailer Features Its Ending Theme

By Ishaan . April 27, 2015 . 1:29pm

“Heavenly Blue” sung by Chiaki Ishikawa.

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Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi Tag-Teams With Japanese Pro Wrestlers

By Sato . April 15, 2015 . 11:38pm

Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi has a collaboration for the fans of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi Gets A Release Date And A T.M. Revolution Costume

By Sato . March 31, 2015 . 5:23am

Capcom announced a release date for Segoku Basara 4: Sumeragi, an upgraded version of Sengoku Basara 4 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi Gets A Tad Of T.M.Revolution

By Spencer . February 1, 2015 . 11:58pm

Capcom got T.M.Revolution, the artist that made “Heart of Sword” seen in one of Rurouni Kenshin’s endings, is signing the theme song for Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi. “Double-Deal” is the theme song for the enhanced version of the feudal Japan hack ‘n slash game.

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Check Out The Tales of Zestiria Costumes In Sengoku Barasara 4: Sumeragi

By Sato . January 21, 2015 . 11:50pm

Capcom recently announced Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi as the latest title their Japanese historic action series and it has a Tales of Zestiria collaboration.

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Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi Collaborates With Tales of Zestiria

By Sato . January 20, 2015 . 8:29am

Details from this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine reveal that the game will have a collaboration with Tales of Zestiria.

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