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Shin Chuka Taisen quietly delayed in Japan, definitely coming to the USA

By Spencer . August 31, 2007 . 5:06am

I hate to disappoint anyone counting down the days until Shin Chuka Taisen: Michael to Meimei no Bouken comes out for the Wii, but it’s been delayed. Starfish who is the developer of the tilt controlled shmup had the release window set for August. It’s September and there is no sign of the game in […]

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From the Monkey God? Is Shin Chuka Taisen coming to North America?

By Spencer . August 20, 2007 . 7:29pm

I’m making a guess here, but Gamefly has a listing up for Monkey King: The Legend Begins as a Wii game. This looks like it might be a localized version of Starfish’s upcoming, tilt screen Shin Chuka Taisen: Michael to Meimei no Bouken. UFO Interactive, who is acting as the US publisher already has a […]

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Arcade Wii-make: Shin Chuka Taisen

By Spencer . May 30, 2007 . 1:56am

Insert credit has been following the development of a Chuka Taisen remake since 2006 and screenshots for a Wii remake just surfaced on Famitsu. I doubt many people have even heard of Chuka Taisen before, it is a shmup made by Taito that appeared in arcades in the late 80s. The Wii remake, Shin Chuka […]

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