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Save and slay friends with Shiren the Wanderer 3

By Spencer . February 11, 2008 . 2:17pm

Chunsoft played Nintendo Wi-Fi connectivity to the DS version of Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer 2. For Shiren’s Wii debut Chunsoft is upping the online features. The rescue system where friendly players can revive fallen dungeon explorers returns in addition to an online versus mode. Since Mystery Dungeon games typically move in frames in reaction […]

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Localization mysteries revealed in our Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer interview

By Spencer . February 8, 2008 . 3:44pm

We’ve been following Shren’s release in North America since we unearthed a retail listing for a DS game bearing his name way back in August 2007. On March 4th, Shiren’s localization journey ends and Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer will be in retail stores. I’m pretty sure the localization quest didn’t involve any rust causing […]

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Watch: Shiren’s US debut (update: new release date)

By Spencer . January 17, 2008 . 10:04pm

Don’t be too hard on Sega about the “from the makers of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon” tagline. If that gets Shiren the Wanderer in the hands of more gamers in North America, I wholeheartedly support the idea. Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer is developed by Chunsoft, who makes a bunch of roguelikes in Japan. However, you […]

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Stylin’ with Shiren

By Spencer . December 6, 2007 . 11:27am

In only a few months, Japan gets to play a brand new Chunsoft dungeon RPG starring Shiren, the mysterious wanderer. Are you excited? Sega thinks so because Shiren is coming out in a number of different bundles. I’ll skip through the smaller ones and jump straight to the most expensive one, the DX Pack. For […]

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Shiren makes his US debut in February

By Spencer . October 11, 2007 . 11:40am

Sega has not announced a date for Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer, but Nintendo’s list has it penciled in as February 19, 2008. In just a few months the English speaking world is going to be introduced to Shiren without having to resort to emulation. There are some new features in Chunsoft’s update too. New […]

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Watch – Fushigi no Dungeon: Furai no Shiren 3 trailer

By Spencer . October 4, 2007 . 10:57pm

Just in case you missed it the Tokyo Game Show trailer for Fushigi no Dungeon: Furai no Shiren 3 is making its way around the internet. I wrote about Shiren before, but there is stuff in this clip that even I haven’t seen. It goes deeper into the dungeon so you can see more monsters […]

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Hands on Mysterious Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer 3

By Spencer . September 26, 2007 . 10:13pm

If you never played one of Chunsoft’s rouge-likes before Mysterious Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer 3 is not the game to start with. After thirty seconds on an introduction you’re thrown into the dungeon with two characters in your party. After you make a move, Asuka takes her turn and then Sensei, Shiren’s master, makes an […]

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Shiren sequel comes to the Wii

By Spencer . September 6, 2007 . 1:13pm

Seeing Fushigi no Dungeon: Fuurai no Shiren’s DS remake should have been the first clue to another Shiren installment. Chunsoft has plans to make a sequel for the Wii, Fushigi no Dungeon: Fuurai no Shiren 3, and it looks great. The formula is rogue-like with a new system where you drop an item in a […]

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Mysterious Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer coming to the US?

By Spencer . August 8, 2007 . 5:12pm

As our second Sega rumor today EB Games has a listing for Mysterious Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer, which is likely to be Fushigi no Dungeon: Fuurai no Shiren DS. The DS game is actually a remake of the Super Famicom game and this may be the first time people can experience Shiren’s adventure in English […]

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