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Shmusicup Is Out In Browser And Downloadable Form, Try Before You Buy

By Ishaan . June 3, 2011 . 11:03am

There‚Äôs two ways to try Shmusicup out for free — in your browser or via download.

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So Shmusicup Can Do Bullet Hell, Too

By Ishaan . March 31, 2011 . 5:01pm

Another new trailer for Shmusicup shows off a nice range of songs and bullet effects.

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Take The Shmusicup Preview Beta For A Spin

By Ishaan . March 16, 2011 . 1:29pm

Tzai Entertainment’s have a beta for their music-powered shoot-em-up for everyone to try out.

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Get Your Music Featured In Shmusicup

By Ishaan . February 12, 2011 . 1:28pm

Tzai Entertainment are accepting music contributions to be featured in Shmusicup’s soundtrack.

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Foot-Tap To A Shmusicup Boss Battle Video

By Ishaan . February 1, 2011 . 4:02pm

Tzai Entertainment’s music-powered shoot-em-up gets a new gameplay trailer.

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Shmusicup Has Some Fashionable Multipliers

By Ishaan . December 31, 2010 . 10:29am

Shmusicup lets you outfit lead character, Lyric, with three different suits, all of which act as a different kind of multiplier.

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See The Bosses Of Shmusicup [Update]

By Ishaan . December 23, 2010 . 2:02pm

A first look at boss designs from Tzai Entertainment’s music-powered shoot-em-up.

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Here’s How Shmusicup Works

By Ishaan . November 16, 2010 . 12:35pm

We talk to Tzai Entertainment about their upcoming MP3-based shoot-em-up, where bullet patterns are based on songs in your playlist.

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ShmusicUp Creates Bullet Hell Patterns From MP3 Files

By Ishaan . October 28, 2010 . 5:29pm

ShmusicUp is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up with a bit of a twist.

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