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Crimson Gem Saga: Search For The Wicked Stones

By Spencer . May 19, 2009 . 1:13am

Killian can’t catch a break. He rolls out of bed late, sneaks into his academy graduation, and finds out he’s just salutatorian. Disappointed, he takes a gig as part of the Excelsior Force and winds up collecting dusty old stones against his will.

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A Crimson Gem Saga Chat With Atlus

By Spencer . May 14, 2009 . 5:09pm

This PSP RPG stars a soldier stuck in second place a sly thief who is anything but modest. Crimson Gem Saga was considered as a sequel to Astonishia Story, but Atlus explains the two games are very different and field a question about elves in bikinis.

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Crimson Gem Saga Gets Chatty

By Spencer . March 18, 2009 . 12:37pm

Atlus is polishing Crimson Gem Saga before it comes out here on May 26. In addition to a new localization the US version will have over 1,000 more voiced text. Not bad considering buying Atlus’ version is cheaper than importing the existing Asia version localized into English by SK Telecom.   I hope Atlus also […]

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Crimson Gem Saga Coming In May With A New Localization

By Spencer . February 23, 2009 . 9:55am

Atlus confirmed they will publish Korean developed Crimson Gem Saga (aka Garnet Chronicle in Japan and Astonishia Story 2 in Korea) on May 26. Huh, didn’t an English version of Crimson Gem Saga already came out in Asia months ago? Oh yeah, one did!   We asked Atlus about the existing Asian version and were […]

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