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Sleeping Dogs DLC Packs Planned For The Next Six Months

By Ishaan . August 13, 2012 . 11:17am

Square Enix announced that they have plans to support the game with additional content via DLC for the next six months.

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Awesome Sleeping Dogs Trailer Looks Like Its For A TV Crime Drama

By Ishaan . August 10, 2012 . 11:30am

You probably want to watch this!

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Sleeping Dogs On PC To Have A Bunch Of Graphical Improvements

By Ishaan . August 8, 2012 . 5:10pm

United Front Games and Square Enix also revealed the PC version’s system requirements this week.

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Square Enix Produced A Live Action Sleeping Dogs Fight

By Spencer . August 6, 2012 . 4:34pm

Sleeping Dogs from United Front Games and Square Enix is clearly inspired by Hong Kong crime movies. Coming full circle, Square Enix hired Machinima to make a live action Sleeping Dogs film.

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Sleeping Dogs Shootouts Turn On Bullet Time When You Vault Out Of Cover

By Spencer . August 3, 2012 . 1:32pm

The key to the Triad shootouts, it seems, is leaping out of cover. This gives Wei Shen an adrenaline rush and everything slows down. It’s basically Sleeping Dogs form of bullet time.

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Sleeping Dogs: The Game Where Frozen Fish Is As Good As A Knife

By Spencer . July 31, 2012 . 2:30pm

While slapping enemy with a flounder is one way to knockout thugs, Wei Shen also has brutal environmental kills. If you can get close enough to grapple an enemy you can drop an engine on them or smash their head into a fish tank.

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Sleeping Dogs Gunplay Trailer Shows Off How Cover And Bullet-Time Works

By Ishaan . July 30, 2012 . 8:30am

When you break out of cover, Sleeping Dogs briefly goes into bullet-time for a few seconds.

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So Far, Hong Kong Has The Best Version Of Sleeping Dogs

By Spencer . July 27, 2012 . 5:34pm

Hong Kong is getting a special version of Sleeping Dogs with unique packaging and four content packs.

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Sleeping Dogs Mission Begins With A Shootout And Ends With A Car Chase

By Ishaan . July 24, 2012 . 1:00pm

Square Enix shared a look at a mission from Sleeping Dogs, titled “Mrs. Chu’s Revenge”. It gives a peek at the game’s combat and open world environments.

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Sleeping Dogs Has A Star-Studded Cast Of Actors Lending Their Voices

By Ishaan . July 17, 2012 . 2:40pm

Tom Wilkinson, Emma Stone, Robin Shou and other names you’ve probably heard will be lending their voices to United Front and Square Enix’s Hong Kong crime drama.

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Sleeping Dogs’ Combat Influenced By Mixed Martial Artist Georges St-Pierre

By Ishaan . July 5, 2012 . 12:30pm

For Sleeping Dogs’ combat, United Front Games consulted with mixed martial artist, Georges St-Pierre.

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United Front Snapped Over 35,000 Photos Of Hong Kong For Sleeping Dogs

By Ishaan . July 1, 2012 . 1:30pm

“We took 35,000 to 40,000 reference photos and hour upon hour of video footage,” says executive producer, Stephen van der Mescht.

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Sleeping Dogs Penalizes Players For Harming Civilians, But Only In Japan

By Spencer . June 27, 2012 . 2:06am

Sleeping Dogs still has a few cuts for Japan like an event scene where a person’s organs are exposed was modified. Another scene with a sexual reference was cleaned up with alternate camerawork.

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Sleeping Dogs Open World Has Fight Clubs, Racing, And Maybe A Little Dating

By Spencer . May 24, 2012 . 3:30pm

Oh, and there’s a little homage to Bruce Lee in the game as well.

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You Can Set Someone’s Head On Fire In Sleeping Dogs

By Ishaan . May 20, 2012 . 12:00pm

A Sleeping Dogs trailer shows off the game’s combat system using both regular moves and takedowns using objects in the environment.