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19 Xbox Games Coming To Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Program

By Jenni . April 10, 2018 . 8:32pm

The Xbox One is going to become backwards compatible with 19 Xbox games this month, with eight games becoming available on April 17, 2018 and eleven on April 26, 2018.

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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Hits 3DS eShop, Toki Tori 2 Discounted On Wii U

By Ishaan . September 12, 2013 . 10:00am

Toki Tori 2 has seen an update with new content and a discount sale, while Zelda II hits 3DS Virtual Console.

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Modern Sonic Statue Speeds Out Of First 4 Figures This Year

By Ishaan . May 15, 2012 . 3:01pm

First 4 Figures are releasing a Sonic the Hedgehog statue sometime in Q4 of this year.

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Sega To Shift Focus To Digital And Social As Packaged Game Sales Decline

By Ishaan . May 11, 2012 . 10:31am

Faced with declining packaged game sales, Sega will restructure themselves to focus on the development of digital and social games.

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Sonic Generations (3DS) Playtest: Modern Sonic Wins This Time

By Ishaan . December 18, 2011 . 1:45pm

There’s a clear difference between the feel of Classic and Modern Sonic.

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Sonic Generations Playtest: Fanservice with Substance

By Kris . December 5, 2011 . 5:30pm

There are cute references to previous Sonic games in there that put a smile on my face. For instance, Classic Dr. Robotnik / Dr. Eggman has no idea who Sonic’s new friends are.

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Here Are U.S. And European Release Dates For Sega’s 3DS Games

By Ishaan . October 27, 2011 . 12:31pm

Sega have confirmed final dates for four of their 3DS games.

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Sonic Generations On Consoles Comes With A Port Of Sonic 1

By Ishaan . October 26, 2011 . 1:31pm

You’ll need to unlock the port before you can play it, though.

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Sonic Races Rival Shadow The Hedgehog In Sonic Generations

By Spencer . October 26, 2011 . 10:00am

Screenshots of Sonic racing Shadow and stages from the Dreamcast Sonic games remade for Sonic Adventure inside.

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Sonic Generations Bounces On To 3DS On November 22

By Spencer . October 20, 2011 . 4:05pm

While both titles share the same name in North America, they’re different games with different stages. So far, the only common stage is Green Hill from the original Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Play As Both Classic And Modern Sonic In Demo #2 For Sonic Generations

By Ishaan . October 17, 2011 . 10:32am

Demo #2 will let you play as both Sonics in the Green Hill Zone.

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Look Who Else Is In Sonic Generations, Game Confirmed For PC Release

By Ishaan . October 11, 2011 . 3:04pm

Sega made not one but two Sonic Generations announcements today.

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Shadow Makes An Appearance In Sonic Generations “Dreamcast Era” Trailer

By Ishaan . September 30, 2011 . 3:02pm

Look who’s back in Sonic Generations.

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A New Sonic Generations Trailer Shows A Glimpse Of The Sky Sanctuary Zone

By Ishaan . September 14, 2011 . 1:34pm

The Sky Sanctuary Zone is on the list of stages in Sonic Generations as well.

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A Clearer Look At Sonic Generations On The Nintendo 3DS [Update]

By Ishaan . September 13, 2011 . 10:00am

We finally have some clearer screenshots and a new trailer of Sonic Generations on the 3DS. [Updated with trailer.]

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