Post 159130

Take A Closer Look At Soulcalibur V’s Astaroth And Viola

By Ishaan . September 22, 2011 . 4:30pm

A new batch of screens gives us a better look at Viola, one of Soulcalibur V’s brand new characters.

Post 157967

Soulcalibur V’s Tale Of Swords And Souls Will Be Told In Q1 2012

By Ishaan . September 15, 2011 . 10:25pm

Soulcalibur V director, Daishi Odashima, mentions that mentions that Creative Intelligence Arts are working on the game’s music.

Post 157811

“Scream For Me!” Says Astaroth In A Soulcalibur V Trailer

By Ishaan . September 15, 2011 . 1:31am

A new trailer for Soulcalibur V introduces Astaroth and Viola.

Post 157695

Namco Are Thinking Of Releasing Past Soulcalibur Games As Download Titles

By Ishaan . September 14, 2011 . 4:04pm

Soulcalibur V director, Daishi Odashima, is feeling talkative again.

Post 154769

Soulcalibur V Producer Discusses Fan Feedback And Character Changes

By Ishaan . September 2, 2011 . 3:01pm

Characters such as Tira, Hisaharu reveals, are still in development and will be influenced by feedback from fans.

Post 154322

Soulcalibur V Director Reveals More About The Game’s Fighting System

By Ishaan . September 1, 2011 . 10:32am

Soulcalibur V director, Daishi Odashima, is back with more tidbits of information on the game.

Post 150603

Catch Up With More Soulcalibur V Characters In New Screens

By Spencer . August 17, 2011 . 1:35pm

Say hello to Hilde, Maxi, Tira and Voldo.

Post 150239

Voldo, Maxi, Hilde, And Tira Return For Soulcalibur V

By Spencer . August 15, 2011 . 11:00pm

The “V” in Soulcalibur V could be for Voldo since the creepy clawed fighter crawled his way the game with another strange costume

Post 148950

What Happened To Kilik After Soulcalibur IV?

By Ishaan . August 9, 2011 . 12:40pm

“All I can say is, he is what you might call an ill-fated character…” teased director, Daishi Odashima.

Post 147861

Soulcalibur V Director Explains The Game’s Critical Edge Combat System

By Ishaan . August 2, 2011 . 11:40am

“Critical Edge is a new attack system that delivers high damage to the opponent,” says director, Daishi Odashima.

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Xianghua’s Daughter, Leixia, Enters Soulcalibur V

By Ishaan . August 2, 2011 . 9:58am

Xianghua’s daughter was confirmed as a new combatant in Soulcalibur V at the EVO 2011 tournament this week.

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Nine Minutes Of Soulcalibur V Footage From EVO 2011

By Ishaan . August 1, 2011 . 10:33am

The video covers footage from three fights: Zwei vs. Patroklos, Ivy vs. Natsu, and Siegfried vs. Mitsurugi.

Post 146619

CyberConnect2 Is Creating Soulcalibur V’s Story

By Spencer . July 26, 2011 . 3:30pm

Matsuyama also assured that while Lars was a guest character in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, Naruto will not make a cameo in Soulcalibur V.

Post 145914

New Soulcalibur V Trailer Shows Ivy, Natsu, And Z.W.E.I. In Action

By Spencer . July 24, 2011 . 1:00am

This video has footage of the three characters that were just announced (and leaked). Watch it to see Ivy plus newcomers Natsu, and Z.W.E.I. cross swords.

Post 145023

Help Create Soulcalibur V’s Non-Playable CPU Opponents

By Ishaan . July 22, 2011 . 11:33am

Plus…something to do with Xianghua?

Post 145442

Leaked Soulcalibur V Screens Reveal Ivy And A New Character, Zwei

By Ishaan . July 21, 2011 . 6:53am

There’s no word on who it was, but someone let slip a bunch of new characters from Soulcalibur V.

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