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Space Invaders Extreme 2 Silently Invades Stores Next Week

By Spencer . October 15, 2009 . 8:37pm

Heads up Space Invaders fans, Space Invaders Extreme 2 is on deck. Square Enix will release the synesthesia shooter in North America on November 20.

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BBQ With Some Space Invaders

By Spencer . May 25, 2009 . 1:15pm

Happy Memorial Day! Once you’re done with the yearly beach barbecue kick back with some Space Invaders Extreme. We have two Xbox Live Arcade codes to give away. Send us a tweet with what you cooked up if you want one.

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Space Invaders Extreme: More or Less Xtreme On XBLA

By Spencer . May 13, 2009 . 7:00pm

Space Invaders Extreme is a fantastic evolution of Space Invaders. Varied formations and a brilliant scoring system made it one of my favorite games. But what if you already own the psychedelic shooter. Is it worth looking at again?

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The Backbone Of Space Invaders Extreme On Xbox Live Arcade

By Spencer . May 6, 2009 . 10:50am

After being released on two portable platforms Space Invaders Extreme is out on Xbox Live Arcade. Backbone Entertainment handled the conversion and Arvin Bautista details the process of transitioning the PSP game to Xbox Live Arcade.

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Arkanoid, Space Invaders, Zombie Wranglers Go Live On Wednesday

By Spencer . May 4, 2009 . 12:19pm

A double dose of Taito remakes are coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Space Invaders Extreme and Arkanoid Live are two of this week’s Xbox Live Arcade games. Each one goes for 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

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Some Of Taito’s Xbox Live Arcade Games Get Dated

By Spencer . April 23, 2009 . 6:14pm

Taito has a stable of franchise revivals heading to Xbox Live Arcade. Remixed nostalgia starts in April when Space Invaders Extreme comes out. One month later Arkanoid Live with its 120 levels and online multiplayer comes out. Judging from an English screenshot at Famitsu this timeframe won’t just be for Japan.   Bubble Bobble Neo, […]

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Bayonetta Has Leaderboards, Magna Carta 2 DLC, And Other Xbox 360 Tidbits

By Spencer . April 21, 2009 . 11:26am

Microsoft just announced a SUV load of games. Some of the titles shown at the spring conference were unveiled elsewhere. Lost in the slew of announcements are little details about games we know about like Bayonetta.   Did you know the self described “climax action game” has an online ranking system? Well, it does! PlatinumGames […]

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Space Invaders Extreme 2’s Moe Themed Stage

By Spencer . April 8, 2009 . 2:43pm

Space Invaders Extreme 2 has psychedelic visuals and flashing aliens. Defend the Earth from them well and you’re rewarded with… moe? One path to the fifth level replaces the usual seizure inducing background with shades of pink and a girl wearing a huge rabite.   We’ve seen signs that Square Enix will publish Space Invaders […]

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Taito Planning More Xbox Live Arcade Remakes

By Spencer . March 26, 2009 . 4:45am

In case you weren’t aware Taito has been resurrecting classic franchises with games like the Legend of Kage 2 and Space Invaders Extreme. Being less coy Taito formally announced plans to remake games for Xbox Live Arcade under the Taito Collection label. Arkanoid Live and Space Invaders Extreme are the first two Taito Collections project. […]

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Space Invaders Extreme 2 Is Real, Really Coming Out In March

By Spencer . January 31, 2009 . 12:08am

Nintendo of Japan should be updating their March 2009 release calendar soon. They forgot to put in Space Invaders Extreme 2 which will make it into stores on March 26 just like some retailers leaked.   The sequel doesn’t look much different from Space Invaders Extreme. A new bingo grid leads players into a bonus […]

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Taito Making More Space Invaders Extreme?

By Spencer . January 22, 2009 . 9:54pm

Maybe yes! In addition to the Xbox Live Arcade / PlayStation Network versions of Space Invaders Extreme Taito might be working on a full sequel. Wario4ever tipped us off to (thanks!!) a Play-Asia listing for Space Invaders Extreme 2. While we haven’t heard anything official from Taito about said game Play-Asia leaked quite a few […]

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Space Invaders Extreme Also Invading PlayStation Network

By Spencer . December 15, 2008 . 3:18am

Oh, remember that announcement about Space Invaders Extreme coming to Xbox Live Arcade? The handheld game is being revised for TVs on more than one console.   Thanks to a leak from PEGI, we also know Backbone Entertainment’s port is in development for the PlayStation 3 as a PlayStation Network downloadable game. So, PlayStation 3 […]

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Space Invaders Extreme XBLA Comes With Classic Space Invaders

By Spencer . December 6, 2008 . 2:49pm

Microsoft sprung a surprise at Tokyo Game Show when they announced Space Invaders Extreme would get an Xbox Live Arcade port. Great, but what if you already have a copy of Space Invaders Extreme? According to the ESRB, Space Invaders Extreme for the Xbox 360 is Space Invaders Extreme plus Space Invaders.   “This is […]

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Square Enix seriously publishing Space Invaders Extreme and Arkanoid DS

By Spencer . March 27, 2008 . 8:10am

The rumors were true! Europe will get the awesome Space Invaders Extreme and Arkanoid DS this summer care of Square Enix. Sure, an announcement for North America hasn’t been made, but I doubt Square Enix is going to bring two localized games out in other regions.   More good news, the European press release mentions […]

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Space Invaders Extreme invades the ESRB, probably coming to NA

By Spencer . March 3, 2008 . 9:59am

More substantial evidence pointing towards a North American release for Space Invaders Extreme is an “E” rating for the PSP and Nintendo DS versions of the game. Add this to the Gamestop box art and chances are we’re going to see Square Enix publish Space Invaders Extreme in the near future. While Square Enix owns […]

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