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Get Even with Nintendo Wi-Fi, Space Invaders and the Wii

By Spencer . March 20, 2008 . 1:14am

Quick note: Space Invaders Get Even: Counterattack of the Space Invaders supports Nintendo Wi-Fi. For what mysterious purpose? Only Taito knows at the moment!

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Catching dual screen Space Invaders Extreme fever

By Spencer . March 13, 2008 . 11:24am

The first level in Space Invaders Extreme begins like classic Space Invaders, only with a psychedelic background. After the first wave of horizontally aligned aliens is wiped from existence Taito instantly brings in a new set of Space Invaders to focus on. Space Invaders Extreme is fast, but you have a few power ups to […]

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Role reversal! Taito lets players control Space Invaders

By Spencer . March 10, 2008 . 12:56am

After thirty years of shooting pixilated aliens, Taito is letting Wii owners control the enemy in Space Invaders Get Even: Gyakushuu no Space Invaders (Space Invaders Get Even: Counterattack of the Space Invaders). Players use the nunchuk to move a flying saucer, which acts as a guide for the three kinds of iconic invaders. Over […]

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Taito asks which country is best at Space Invaders

By Spencer . March 7, 2008 . 8:38pm

On top of Space Invaders Extreme and an interesting looking Wii version where you guide the iconic aliens on a path of destruction, Taito has Space Invaders Sekai Taisen (Space Invaders World War) in development. Unlike the other versions of Space Invaders this is for PCs and designed as an online game. Control in Space […]

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Log on to Nintendo Wi-Fi with Space Invaders Extreme

By Spencer . February 14, 2008 . 7:54pm

Another tidbit about Space Invaders Extreme, which isn’t highlighted, is its network features. Two players can compete in a versus mode and race to shoot aliens before they crawl to the bottom of the screen. In the Nintendo DS version the bottom screen has your aliens. The top screen shows the progress of the other […]

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Control Space Invaders Extreme with the DS paddle controller

By Spencer . February 13, 2008 . 8:36pm

Last year Taito was working on revitalizing Arkanoid on the DS. Simultaneously, a paddle controller hit the streets and came with some bundles of Arkanoid to replicate the original feel of the arcade game. While the GBA slot device seemed specifically for Arkanoid DS, Taito is supporting the peripheral in Space Invaders Extreme. When used […]

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Hands on Space Invaders Extreme

By Spencer . September 24, 2007 . 7:24am

After playing and owning way too many versions of Space Invaders I have been wondering what Taito could do to make Space Invaders Extreme… um… Extreme? Their idea: overhaul the formula and make into a trippy shoot ‘em up.   Space Invaders Extreme contains the lovable retro aliens from the arcade game, in neon colors, […]

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Space Invaders attack Shibuya

By Spencer . September 18, 2007 . 2:33am

  Graffiti style. While walking around Japan’s ultra trendy district I spotted Space Invaders graffiti twice. But it doesn’t look these are part of the Space Invaders tile invasion. Supposedly someone else put up colorful tiles depicting 8-bit enemies around Harujuku.  

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Taito brings Space Invaders to the Extreme

By Spencer . September 7, 2007 . 8:41am

So far Taito’s Tokyo Game Show list is only DS games. We mentioned the Legend of Kage, Arkanoid DS, Cooking Mama 2 and Exit DS before. Space Invaders Extreme is brand new. Taito has not released any details about it and it doesn’t look like we’re going to see any information until the start of […]

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Space Invaders meets mahjong

By Spencer . March 28, 2007 . 7:22am

A link to an eBay auction appeared on Gamesniped about a Space Invaders Mahjong set. The tiles have pictures of the ship, aliens and the shield in different colors. While unusual items typically fetch a substantial sum on eBay, this memorable piece of Taito swag sold for a mere $7.00. Space Invaders might not have […]

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