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Summon Night: Twin Age and Spectral Force 3 summoned later

By Spencer . April 28, 2008 . 1:38pm

Atlus had a lot on their plate last month and there are many more games coming. So, it’s understandable between Drone Tactics, R-Type Command, Izuna 2 and Operation Darkness there might be some delays. Actually, we just got some. If you were planning on getting Summon Night: Twin Age or Spectral Force 3 on day […]

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Spectral Force simplified, Neverland moves to the NDS

By Spencer . February 18, 2008 . 2:21pm

Sting’s announcement is exciting, but it’s eclipsing news about Neverland’s Nintendo migration. Idea Factory formally announced Spectral Force Genesis with a May release window. Idea Factory has been exploring options to expand the Neverland brand outside of the PlayStation 2 with a PSP installment and an Xbox 360 sequel that Atlus will release in North […]

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Neverland and the duo of strategy RPGs

By Spencer . July 5, 2007 . 4:54pm

Idea Factory isn’t giving up on the Playstation 2 and they have two more strategy RPGs based on their hallmark franchises in development. Spectral Gene is the latest entry in the Spectral universe and the story is about the rebirth of demon. Standard stuff for tactical RPGs, but the combat system could be interesting. Also […]

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