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Mobile Game Sepia Go! Looks A Lot Like A Certain Nintendo Game About A Squid Or A Kid

By Casey . July 3, 2016 . 11:30am

A new mobile game named Sepia Go! is notable for it being an unabashed ripoff of Splatoon., from the art and character to the gameplay.

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This Week In Sales: Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, Caligula, And Minecraft: Wii U Edition Debuts

By Sato . June 30, 2016 . 12:30pm

Last week, Japan saw several new releases with 10 of their top 20 making their debuts, including some big titles such as Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, Caligula, Minecraft: Wii U Edition, and more.

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Splatoon’s Final Splatfest Features The Squid Sisters, Callie And Marie

By Casey . June 30, 2016 . 8:30am

Nintendo has announced that the final Splatfest will be taking place towards the end of July and will have players choose between the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie.

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This Week In Sales: Taiko Drum Master Gets Its Latest, Hakuoki And Root Letter Tag Along

By Sato . June 23, 2016 . 6:30am

Last week, Japan got Taiko Drum Master: Doko Don! Mystery Adventure for Nintendo 3DS, along with a couple new visual novels in Hakuoki Shinkai: Hana no Shou and Root Letter.

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This Week In Sales: Dragon Quest Heroes II, Overwatch, And Kirby Continue Leading The Way

By Sato . June 8, 2016 . 12:30pm

Last week, Japan didn’t see any major releases following the previous week that saw Dragon Quest Heroes II, Overwatch, Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator, and more.

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Splatoon Shows Off Its Final Weapons In Sheldon’s Picks Vol. 2

By Casey . June 7, 2016 . 8:30am

Nintendo recently revealed the remainder of the weapons coming to Splatoon with the addition of Sheldon’s Picks Vol. 2, which release today, June 7th. Below is a list of the five remaining weapons, along with their official descriptions.

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A Look At Some Of Splatoon’s Weapons From Sheldon’s Picks Volume 2

By Casey . June 3, 2016 . 10:00am

Splatoon will be receiving a large update on June 7th, and with it comes volume 2 of Sheldon’s Picks featuring a new arsenal of nine weapon combinations.

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This Week In Sales: Dragon Quest Heroes II, Overwatch, And Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator Debuts

By Sato . June 1, 2016 . 3:15pm

Last week, Japan saw a few major releases, with the biggest one being Dragon Quest Heroes II on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. Overwatch, Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator, and ClaDun Sengoku also tagged along.

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Splatoon’s Squid Sisters Set To Perform A Concert In France At Japan Expo 2016

By Sato . June 1, 2016 . 3:00am

Japan has already seen the popular Splatoon idols the “Squid Sisters” live in holographic concerts, and it’s been announced that France will get to join in on the fun this year at Japan Expo 2016.

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Two Splatoon Amiibo Diorama Kits Are Headed To Japan In July

By Casey . May 25, 2016 . 8:30am

The amiibo dioramas, based on a concert stage for the Squid Sisters and the Kelp Dome, will release on July 7th and cost 1,080 yen each.

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This Week In Sales: Homefront, DOOM, And Battleborn Make Their Way To Japan

By Sato . May 25, 2016 . 6:45am

Last week, Japan had several new releases including a good handful from the West with Dambuster Studios’ open world shooter Homefront the Revolution, id Software’s DOOM, and Gearbox’s Battleborn.

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This Week In Sales: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Steals The Top Spot In Japan

By Sato . May 18, 2016 . 9:15am

Last week, Japan had just one major release and it was Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End for PlayStation 4 which finished on top with 128,724 units sold in its debut week.

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Here’s Another Look At The New Splatoon Amiibos

By Casey . May 15, 2016 . 9:30am

New photos have surfaced, giving us a better look at the new Splatoon amiibos that will be releasing in North America and Europe on July 8th.

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Splatoon Is Collaborating With CoroCoro This Summer

By Casey . May 13, 2016 . 8:30am

The Japanese magazine CoroCoro will be collaborating with Splatoon this summer to bring special items featuring the magazine’s logo into the game.

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Splatoon Is Getting Its Own Series Of Playing Cards

By Casey . May 12, 2016 . 9:00am

The cards will feature themes and characters from the Wii U game and will come in three different varieties.

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