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Square Enix Showcased Artwork For “Final Fantasy Type-Next”

By Sato . March 23, 2015 . 3:00am

During a recent launch event for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD that took place in Hong Kong, Square Enix showcased a look at some concept art for a new title, Final Fantasy Type-Next. Here’s a look at some of the images that were shown during the event.

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Square Enix Will Reveal A JRPG Surprise For Consoles Later This Year

By Sato . March 17, 2015 . 5:20am

Company president Yosuke Matsuda says to look out for surprises this year.

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Tell Square Enix What One Game You Want Them To Make

By Ishaan . March 9, 2015 . 8:25am

Square Enix are conducting a survey asking players how and where they play games, and just what games they play.

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Square Enix’s SaGa And Japan’s Saga Prefecture Team Up Again For 2015

By Sato . February 5, 2015 . 5:29pm

We’re not exactly sure what they’ll have in store for this year’s collaboration event, but the official website shares a look at some train wrap advertisement featuring artwork from the SaGa series.

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Shinra Technologies Proposes Cloud-Based Super-Computing For Prototyping Games

By Ishaan . February 2, 2015 . 9:57am

Outside of streaming games, Shinra hopes to use cloud-based “super-computing” technology to make it easier for developers to prototype their games.

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New Dragon Quest Project Goes To Alltrades Abbey To Find A New Genre

By Spencer . February 1, 2015 . 10:42pm

Square Enix is hiring a Planner for a new Dragon Quest title, but this game probably won’t be a standard RPG. The job description says the New Dragon Quest Project will be a challenge since it’s a Dragon Quest game with a new genre.

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Square Enix Will Reveal A New Game On January 31

By Spencer . January 15, 2015 . 11:25pm

Square Enix is teasing they will unveil a new title during Tokaigi 2015. The unannounced game will be revealed during a stage show at starting at 4:45 PM on January 31.

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Dragon Quest Creator Says Several Games In Development For 30th Anniversary

By Sato . January 7, 2015 . 9:32am

Yuji Horii says a number of projects are underway to celebrate the series’ 30th.

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Square Enix Are Interested In Expanding Into Russia

By Ishaan . December 25, 2014 . 5:01pm

In a recent financial results briefing, Square Enix vaguely touched upon plans to expand into emerging markets in the future.

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Square Enix Will Focus On Increasing Download Sales Via Steam And Other Platforms

By Ishaan . December 19, 2014 . 10:55am

President Yosuka Matsuda says download sales are particularly prevalent in North America and Europe, with Steam and Amazon downloads becoming an increasingly common trend.

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Square Enix’s Console Game Developers Are Learning To Make Free-to-Play Games

By Ishaan . December 17, 2014 . 2:31pm

Square Enix’s Schoolgirl Strikers was created internally by developers that previously worked on console games.

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Drakengard Creator Taro Yoko Is Working On A New Game, But Shh, Don’t Tell

By Sato . December 9, 2014 . 5:32am

Yoko recently finished Drakengard 3 with Square Enix, and he’s working on a new title.

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SaGa Series Creator Reminds Fans That A New Game Is In Development

By Sato . December 9, 2014 . 5:01am

Akitoshi Kawazu reminds fans that a new SaGa is underway.

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Square Enix Have Plans To Announce Several New Games In The Near Future

By Sato . November 27, 2014 . 3:32am

According to president Yosuke Matsuda, Square Enix will have several games they’ll announce soon, not limited to just consoles, but also for handhelds, smartphone, and PC.

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Square Enix To Announce A Brand New RPG In December

By Sato . November 25, 2014 . 2:48am

Company president Yosuke Matsuda says Square Enix will announce a brand new RPG next month.