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Watch A Trailer Rundown Of Star Fox 64 3D’s New Controls In Action

By Ishaan . June 22, 2011 . 9:01am

A new trailer for Star Fox 64 3D takes you through the new controls for the Nintendo 3DS remake.

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If You Never Heard Fox Speak Japanese Watch This Star Fox 64 3D Trailer

By Spencer . June 15, 2011 . 12:59am

Instead of demonstrating Star Fox 64 3D’s new gyroscopic controls or multiplayer mode with photos hovering over ships, this trailer goes for nostalgia.

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Star Fox 64 3D’s Details Slip Out Thanks To Japanese Retailer

By Spencer . May 12, 2011 . 3:34am

According to the retailer, Star Fox 64 3D has three modes: 3DS mode, N64 mode, and Versus mode. 3DS mode utilizes the Nintendo 3DS’ gyro sensors for Arwing control. So, you can pilot Fox’s ship by tilting and lifting your 3DS.

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Star Fox 64 3D To Use The Nintendo 3DS Gyro Sensor

By Ishaan . April 26, 2011 . 8:28am

While Nintendo didn’t specify details, they say Star Fox 64 3D will use the 3DS’ gyro sensor in some fashion.

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Star Fox 64 3D Does A Barrel Roll In July

By Spencer . April 13, 2011 . 12:53am

Star Fox 64 3D is preparing for launch. It’s Nintendo’s next 3DS game after The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time 3D.

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Kid Icarus: Uprising, Zelda, And Dead Or Alive Playable At Nintendo World

By Spencer . December 28, 2010 . 12:12am

Nintendo is holding the first public unveiling for the Nintendo 3DS in Tokyo. Nintendo World will take over the Makuhari Messe, the same location that’s home to Jump Festa and Tokyo Game Show.

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Hands On Star Fox 64 3D

By Spencer . June 18, 2010 . 3:18pm

Star Fox 64 3D is like holographic Star Fox.

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How Will Star Fox 64 3D Control On 3DS?

By Ishaan . June 15, 2010 . 5:07pm

PilotWings isn’t the only flight game on DS. Fox and his pals are back, too, and we know how they control, thanks to a handy screenshot.

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