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Valve Demonstrate The Steam Controller With Portal 2

By Ishaan . October 11, 2013 . 11:35am

Valve have shared a new video that demonstrates the Steam Controller the company released announced for use with—or without—their upcoming Steam Machines.

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Xi3 Piston, The Original "Steam Box," Will Be Available November 29th

By Ishaan . September 30, 2013 . 1:33pm

Xi3’s modular PC, the Piston—which some may remember as the original “Steam Box” announcement—will be available on November 29th.

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Steam Box Announced By Valve (Or Rather, Multiple Steam Boxes)

By Ishaan . September 25, 2013 . 10:21am

This morning, Valve finally made their long-awaited Steam box announcement, although details at this point in time are sketchy at best. Here’s what we do know, though.

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Here’s What Happened With Valve And Xi3 And The Piston

By Ishaan . March 13, 2013 . 4:00pm

“We were asked to build a product specifically for Valve,” says Xi3 founder and CEO, Jason A. Sullivan.

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Piston Has Three Boards For Hardware Upgrades

By Ishaan . March 11, 2013 . 12:20pm

Xi3 Chief Marketing Officer, David Politis, explains how Piston hardware upgrades will be possible and the possibility of third-party upgrades for the device.

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Xi3’s Piston Modular Computer Will Come With Windows On It

By Ishaan . March 11, 2013 . 9:30am

But you’ll be able to install Linux or Android to the device if you want, and run any X86-based application on it, says Xi3’s Chief Marketing Officer, David Politis.

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Xi3’s “Piston” Steambox Prices Start At $1,000 [Update]

By Ishaan . March 9, 2013 . 2:30pm

Xi3’s “Piston” modular PC will come in three configurations, starting at $1,000.

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Multiple Steamboxes Coming To Market; Valve Will Make Their Own

By Ishaan . January 8, 2013 . 4:00pm

“This is not some locked box by any stretch of the imagination,” Valve boss, Gabe Newell, says about Valve’s own in-the-works Steambox.

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Steambox Finally Announced By Valve And Xi3 Corporation

By Ishaan . January 7, 2013 . 5:37pm

What’s the Xi3 Computer Game System? The easiest way to describe it is to call it the “Steambox” that everyone has been expecting for some time now.

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