Post 149648

Meanwhile, At The Akiba Denki Summer Matsuri

By Spencer . August 11, 2011 . 5:33pm

Hyperdimension Neptunia and Steins;Gate cosplayers gather.

Post 140147

This Week In Sales: The Last Alchemist of Arland

By Ishaan . June 29, 2011 . 4:29pm

Atelier Meruru closes out the Alchemist of Arland trilogy. How did it do?

Post 140002

Steins;Gate Sales Make 5pb President Say… (★ ° ∀ °) ノ

By Ishaan . June 28, 2011 . 10:15pm

Steins;Gate is popular in Japan. Very popular. How popular?

Post 138581

This Week In Sales: Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D Is Nintendo 3DS’ Epona

By Ishaan . June 22, 2011 . 4:31pm

This week’s sales chart is an exciting one, and there’s a lot to cover, so let’s jump right in. Last week saw the release of two very high-profile games: The Little Battlers (PSP) from Level 5 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (3DS) from Nintendo.

Post 138692

See Steins;Gate Running On An iPhone & iPad

By Spencer . June 22, 2011 . 4:08pm

For those of you that missed the PC, Xbox 360, and PSP releases of Steins;Gate, 5pb is bringing Nitroplus’ visual novel to iPhone and iPad.

Post 138252

Steins;Gate Crosses Over To iTunes This Summer

By Ishaan . June 22, 2011 . 12:32am

Some 5pb games like Chaos;Head Noah and 11eyes CrossOver are already on the service, and next up on the list is Steins;Gate.

Post 127305

The Adaptability Of Visual Novels: An Interview With 5pb’s Chiyomaru Shikura

By Ishaan and Laura . April 27, 2011 . 2:32pm

5pb’s Chiyomaru Shikura believes visual novels are a genre that can appeal to everyone.

Post 125829

5pb’s Founder On Why Chaos;Head And Steins;Gate Are Successful

By Ishaan . April 20, 2011 . 1:45pm

5pb founder and executive director, Chiyomaru Shikura, tells us why he feels the two games have managed to find success.

Post 121666

Steins;Gate Limited Edition On PSP Comes With…A Lab Coat

By Ishaan . March 26, 2011 . 4:34pm

5pb are including a lab coat and pair of slippers with the limited edition version of Steins;Gate on PSP.

Post 115405

It Had To Happen…Steins;Gate Heads To PSP

By Ishaan . February 16, 2011 . 2:06pm

5pb’s hit visual novel is getting a portable adaptation this June.

Post 113013

Phantom Breaker Has Guest Characters From Other 5pb Games

By Ishaan . February 2, 2011 . 8:29am

Rimi from Chaos;Head and Kurisu from Stein;Gate invade 5pb’s girl-on-girl fighter.

Post 83813

Steins;Gate Getting Downloadable Content

By Ishaan . August 23, 2010 . 4:33pm

New achievements (yes, in a visual novel) and event CGs are coming to Steins;Gate.

Post 79530

Steins;Gate Getting Animated

By Ishaan . July 25, 2010 . 1:27pm

Nitroplus and 5pb’s visual novel hit is getting its own anime adaptation.

Post 75056

Steins;Gate For PC Delayed, To Require Online Activation

By Ishaan . June 22, 2010 . 3:43am

Steins;Gate for Windows was originally meant to launch July 30th. When Nitroplus and publisher 5pb release the delayed PC port of the hit visual novel this August 28th, players will require a PC connected to the Internet in order to complete an online certification process before they can play the game. Unsurprisingly, 5pb are citing […]

Post 71500

Steins;Gate Being Written Into A Novel

By Ishaan . May 24, 2010 . 11:21am

5pb and Nitroplus’s breakout hit visual novel is getting the novelization treatment.

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