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Allison Snow And Chisato Shinjo’s Summer Lessons Are Getting An English Release

By Jenni . January 26, 2018 . 9:00am

An English localization is coming to Asia for Summer Lesson: Allison Snow and Summer Lesson: Chisato Shinjo.

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Summer Lesson’s New 3-in-1 Basic Game Pack Trailer Shows Hikari, Allison, And Chisato

By Sato . January 11, 2018 . 12:30am

We recently learned that the VR communication game Summer Lesson is releasing a 3-in-1 pack featuring all three students in Hikari, Allison, and Chisato. Bandai Namco shared a new trailer for the pack.

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Summer Lesson: Hikari, Allison, And Chisato 3-in-1 Basic Game Pack Announced For PS4

By Sato . January 9, 2018 . 12:30am

Bandai Namco announced that the VR series Summer Lesson is getting a 3-in-1 pack that features all three students in Hikari, Allison, and Chisato in a basic game pack on PlayStation 4.

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Summer Lesson Trailer Features Chisato Shinjo And A Peek At Her DLC Content

By Sato . October 12, 2017 . 2:00am

Summer Lesson released its third version, Chisato Shinjo – Seven Days of Etude, today in Japan, and Bandai Namco shared a new trailer showing more including upcoming DLC packs for Chisato.

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Meet Summer Lesson’s New Student Chisato Shinjo The Spoiled Princess

By Sato . September 21, 2017 . 1:40am

Summer Lesson is getting its third student named Chisato Shinjo with the Seven Days of Etude expansion next month. Here’s a first look at the spoiled princess in a new trailer for TGS 2017.

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Summer Lesson Shares A Look At Its Third Student, The “Spoiled Princess” Chisato Shinjo

By Sato . September 7, 2017 . 2:00am

Chisato Shinjo, the spoiled princess who you’ll be teaching in the next Summer Lesson release got new screenshots and details on some of the lessons you’ll be working on at the old-fashioned mansion.

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Summer Lesson: Chisato Shinjo – Seven Days of Etude Releases In Japan On October 12

By Sato . September 5, 2017 . 4:00am

We recently learned that Summer Lesson is getting its third part featuring a new student named Chisato Shinjo, and players will get to tutor the spoiled princess starting October 12 in Japan.

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Summer Lesson Gets Its Third Student Named Chisato Shinjo, Here’s A Teaser

By Sato . August 31, 2017 . 1:00am

Bandai Namco announced that Summer Lesson is getting its third student following Hikari Miyamoto and Alison Snow with a young lady named Chisato Shinjo. Here’s a teaser silhouette.

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Alison Snow Plays Music, Studies, And Dresses In Costumes In New Summer Lesson Trailer

By Sato . June 22, 2017 . 12:30am

Summer Lesson introduces a new face today with Summer Lesson: Alison Snow Garden of Seven Days featuring the blonde heroine. Here’s a new trailer to go with its Japanese release date today.

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Summer Lesson’s Alison Snow Stars In Her Own New Trailer

By Sato . June 1, 2017 . 1:00am

Following the first screenshots shared for Summer Lesson: Alison Snow Garden of Seven Days, Bandai Namco shared its first teaser trailer as well as new screenshots showing Alison in different outfits.

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Summer Lesson Shows Us More Of Alison Snow With New Screenshots

By Sato . May 31, 2017 . 8:35am

Bandai Namco recently revealed that Summer Lesson is getting its next title in Summer Lesson: Alison Snow Garden of Seven Days. Here’s a closer look at the Alison’s part with some new screenshots.

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Summer Lesson Introduces Alison Snow This June In Japan, And There’s More Coming For The VR Title

By Sato . May 30, 2017 . 6:30am

We were starting to wonder what happened to Summer Lesson’s blonde girl since her E3 2015 reveal, but we now know she’s headed to Japan in her own title. Here’s more from this week’s issue of Famitsu.

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Summer Lesson: Alison Snow Releases In Japan On June 22 For PS4

By Sato . May 30, 2017 . 2:15am

We knew that Bandai Namco had something cooking for Summer Lesson with new PS4 trophies that went up earlier, and it didn’t take long for the company to officially reveal Summer Lesson: Alison Snow.

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Summer Lesson Gets New PS4 Trophies For “Alison Snow Garden of Seven Days”

By Sato . May 30, 2017 . 12:00am

We’re all familiar with Summer Lesson heroine Hikari Miyamoto, but we haven’t heard about the blonde girl who appeared in a demo trailer back in E3 2015. New trophies have surfaced with the name “Alison Snow.”

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Summer Lesson Launches In Asia With English Subtitles On April 27

By Sato . March 24, 2017 . 3:30am

Bandai Namco announced that their PlayStation VR title Summer Lesson will release in Asia with English subtitles on April 27, and they also shared a couple trailers for the DLCs to go with it.

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