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This Week In Sales: Pokkén Tournament Brings The Fight, Digimon World Follows

By Sato . March 23, 2016 . 12:00pm

Last week, Japan had several new releases which included two big titles in Pokkén Tournament for Wii U and Digimon World: Next Order for PS Vita, along with several rereleases of games with cheaper prices

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Yu Ayasaki Goes On A “Big Adventure” In Super Mario Maker

By Casey . March 21, 2016 . 9:30am

The costume, based on the character from Daigasso! Band Bros. P, and its corresponding Event Course called “Yu Ayasaki’s Big Adventure!” are now available in Mario Maker.

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A Yuu Ayasaki Costume Is Headed To Super Mario Maker

By Casey . March 18, 2016 . 10:00am

Super Mario Maker is getting another Mystery Mushroom costume very soon and this time, the costume will be that of Yuu Ayasaki from Daigasso! Band Brothers.

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Super Mario Maker Is Getting A Toadette Costume

By Sato . March 17, 2016 . 2:30am

Toadette will be available by clearing the event course called “Advance! Toadette,” which will be available in Japan, and likely worldwide, starting March 18, 2016.

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Mashiko Takes A “Lunch Break” In Super Mario Maker

By Casey . March 10, 2016 . 8:00am

Confirming a leak in an earlier post, Nintendo has officially released the Mashiko/Mary O. costume and Event Course in Super Mario Maker.

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Super Mario Maker Wolf Link Event Course Is Now Available

By Jenni . March 9, 2016 . 9:21pm

A Super Mario Maker Event Course inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD lets people get the Wolf Link costume without the amiibo.

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Super Mario Maker May Be Getting A Mashiko Costume Soon

By Casey . March 9, 2016 . 8:00am

A few players were able to snag the costume for Mashiko, also known as Mary O, the manual guide for Super Mario Maker, but the outfit is no longer obtainable at this time.

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This Week In Sales: Gundam Breaker 3 Vernier Boosts Its Way To The Top

By Sato . March 9, 2016 . 7:00am

Last week, Japan had plenty of new releases with the major one being Gundam Breaker 3, followed by Atelier Shallie Plus, Haikyu!! Cross Team Match! and several other titles.

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Nintendo Shows Super Mario Maker’s 6 New Features In Its March Update

By Jenni . March 8, 2016 . 11:41am

A new video goes over all six of the updates Super Mario Maker and its Bookmark site will get on March 9.

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Super Mario Maker Getting Another Update March 9

By Jenni . March 3, 2016 . 2:18pm

Super Mario Maker is getting a Super Expert 100 Mario Challenge, new course creation tools, and more costumes.

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Tanooki Suit Statue Costume Is Headed To Mario Maker

By Casey . March 3, 2016 . 9:30am

Players will be able to get their hands on the new Tanooki Suit Statue costume later today.

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Twilight Princess HD’s Wolf Link Leaps Into Super Mario Maker

By Casey . March 2, 2016 . 8:00am

Nintendo revealed an official trailer for the Wolf Link costume in Super Mario Maker and, true to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, the costume even has a tiny Midna riding atop it.

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Super Mario Maker Rocks Out With A Barbara The Bat Costume

By Casey . February 24, 2016 . 8:00am

Super Mario Maker will soon be getting another costume in the form of Barbara the Bat from the Band Brothers series of games.

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The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD’s Wolf Link Amiibo Unlocks A Super Mario Maker Costume

By Jenni . February 23, 2016 . 9:30am

If you scan a Wolf Link amiibo into Super Mario Maker, you’ll get a The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess-inspired costume for Mario.

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Chitoge Kirisaki From Nisekoi Lends Her Tsundere Powers In Super Mario Maker

By Sato . February 19, 2016 . 12:00am

Nintendo revealed their latest collaboration character with Nisekoi’s Chitoge Kirisaki as the newest costume in Super Mario Maker. Here’s a look at the tsundere queen in action.

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