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Legend of Zelda shield for auction on eBay

By Spencer . May 24, 2006 . 11:20am

This might not protect you from moblins or reflect magic, but this Legend of Zelda promo item is a rare find. The shield is actually a store display for the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Not the Game Boy Advance remake, but the original Super Nintendo game. That makes the cardboard shield […]

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Chrono Trigger Continuation

By Spencer . May 23, 2006 . 11:08am

While Chrono Trigger did get Chrono Cross, fans of the Super Nintendo original might have wondered what happened in 1000AD after Lavos. A group of fans from Kajar Laboratories created Crimson Echoes, a direct fan fiction sequel set two years after the events in Chrono Trigger. As Crono, players discover that Guardia Kingdom and the […]

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Breath of Fire complete works

By Spencer . March 31, 2006 . 12:18pm

This Breath of Fire audio boxset contains 11 CDs of music from the series spanning from Breath of Fire for the Super NES all the way to Dragon Quarter on the PS2. Here’s a breakdown of what’s in the package:   Breath of Fire I – 2 discs / 49 songs Breath of Fire II […]

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Super dancing Zelda action

By Spencer . December 6, 2005 . 9:06am

Here’s a blast from the past, a Japanese commercial for the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Instead of showing gameplay footage this video has Link dancing with the monsters from Hyrule. Imagine the Thriller music video… but with Zelda characters.       Watch the video and see it for yourself.

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Expert gamer beats Mega Man X and X2 with the same controller

By Spencer . December 1, 2005 . 4:45pm

This is a computer enhanced play of Mega Man X and Mega Man X2, but what makes it amazing is that both games are being played at the same time. A single controller was split into two signals, which let DeHackEd undertake this challenge. Watch as he dodges deadly spikes and battle Sigma without ever […]

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Another lost Square-Enix Super Famicom classic.

By Spencer . February 20, 2004 . 6:01am

Live Alive is a relatively unknown Squaresoft game that had a debut on the Super Famicom and was never heard of again. With a creative combat system and unique characters one would expect Square to make a game similar to this or possibly a sequel. Read our playtest of Live Alive for more details. 

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Another story with the girls from Sailor Moon.

By Spencer . November 8, 2003 . 4:14am

If you watched all of Sailor Moon you still haven’t seen the side story in Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story. This tale is brought into a Super Famicom RPG, which fans will eat up. Find out more in our retro playtest of Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story.

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A Dragonball Z classic

By Spencer . October 20, 2003 . 1:36pm

Back in the Super Famicom era, the Dragon Ball Z games were top of the line titles. DBZ: Hyper Dimension tops them all with intense action.          

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Ryu Hayabusa moves into the 16 bit world.

By Spencer . September 25, 2003 . 4:50pm

For those of you that don’t know the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy stars a ninja named Ryu Hayabusa. The gameplay is fairly standard 2D action scrolling, but this title brings a challenge along with it. Read our playtest for more details on Ninja Gaiden Trilogy.    

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