Post 491447

Several More DLC Characters Will Be Added To Super Smash Bros.

By Ishaan . June 29, 2015 . 3:31pm

Oh, and Ryu and Roy and Lucas weren’t added based on fan votes.

Post 487953

Roy, Ryu, And Lucas Prices Revealed For Super Smash Bros.

By Ishaan . June 14, 2015 . 8:09am

Inside are the prices for all of the three characters, as well as other DLC content announced today.

Post 487947

Ryu, Roy, Duck Hunt, And Mewtwo Amiibo Figurines Announced

By Ishaan . June 14, 2015 . 7:51am

New Amiibo figurines are on their way, Nintendo announced today.

Post 487939

Catch Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Presentation Here

By Siliconera . June 14, 2015 . 5:59am

We already know that Ryu and Roy are going to be available as DLC fighters, but stay tuned for official announcements.

Post 487918

Ryu In Super Smash Bros. Can Use Street Fighter-Style Inputs

By Ishaan . June 14, 2015 . 1:41am

Up + B or forward, down, down-forward, B for a Shoryuken? Super Smash Bros. will let you do both, but the latter is more powerful.

Post 487866

Street Fighter’s Ryu And Fire Emblem’s Roy Confirmed For Super Smash Bros.

By Ishaan . June 13, 2015 . 2:29am

Two leaked videos share glimpses of both characters in action.

Post 486632

Nintendo Will Talk About The Next Super Smash Bros. Update This Sunday

By Ishaan . June 8, 2015 . 7:16am

Nintendo to discuss the June 14th update with Lucas, the Miiverse stage, and Splatoon outfits.

Post 486280

Lucas Joins Super Smash Bros. On June 14th

By Ishaan . June 5, 2015 . 7:10am

Lucas will be available as a downloadable character later this month.

Post 480013

Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire At Nearly 10 Million In Sales

By Ishaan . May 7, 2015 . 10:28am

Nintendo have shared software sales for some of their more high-profile first-party Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games.

Post 476127

Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Sells 730,000 In U.S., Smash Bros. 3DS At 2.4 Million

By Ishaan . April 16, 2015 . 3:24pm

Meanwhile, Wii U hardware sales are up 20%, Nintendo says.

Post 472892

Nintendo Are Asking You To Vote For Super Smash Bros. DLC Characters [Update]

By Ishaan . April 1, 2015 . 3:07pm

Additionally, the Mewtwo DLC has been dated, and Lucas announced as a DLC character.

Post 470694

Sakurai Says Mewtwo Will Be Available In Super Smash Bros. For Wii U And 3DS Soon

By Sato . March 22, 2015 . 11:30pm

Sakurai appeared as a guest in a recent livestream alongside popular voice actor Tomokazu Sugita and others, to talk Smash Bros. In the above clip, Sakurai reassures fans that Mewtwo is “pretty much done” and to look forward to an announcement soon.

Post 462745

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Patch Adds Sharing Features, Too

By Ishaan . February 10, 2015 . 9:00am

Nintendo have released a set of patch notes that detail what else the version 1.0.5 patch does.

Post 460121

Nintendo Revises Forecast Amidst Slowing 3DS Sales In U.S. And Europe

By Ishaan . January 27, 2015 . 11:59pm

Nintendo have shared their financial results for their third quarter, touching upon both hardware and software sales, as well as their revenue forecast for the year ahead.

Post 455489

Super Smash Bros. Player Figures Out “Aerial Death Combo” For Little Mac

By Ishaan . January 4, 2015 . 12:27pm

Vine user Takajin discovered the trick, which he demonstrates against Donkey Kong.